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    Winter Camps and Clinics!

    Date:11/13/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      Headfirst Baseball Academy is excited to announce our Winter Camp and Clinic Series for the 2019-20 Winter. We will be offering several several camps and clinics for different ages and skill groups:   CAMPS   The youth camps will follow the format of a Headfirst Summer Camp, with instruction and competitions in the morning and games in the afternoon. We will have i...

    Meuel Joins the HF Management Team

    Date:11/06/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      Meuel Joins the HF Management Team         Headfirst Baseball Academy has great news, the return of HF Hall of Famer, JIMMY MEUEL!  Meuel is an expert in college baseball recruiting, will spearhead HF College Recruiting and Showcase Camps, in addition to youth camps.  He will work closely with Mario Iglesias to take over many tea...

    College Showcase Training

    Date:10/29/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      COLLEGE SHOWCASE TRAINING   Headfirst offers tremendous opportunity for young players to perform in front of college coaches and we want them to be prepared for that stage.  The concept of “College Showcase Training” is a creation of Headfirst Baseball in an effort to prepare players to thrive in front of college coaches.  Headfirst hosts and particip...

    Play for a HF UD Team in 2020!

    Date:10/16/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      2020 HF UPPER DIVISION TEAM INFO              2020 will feature the very best coaching staff that the Headfirst Upper Division has ever had from top to bottom!  There will be BOTH some grade level and age level teams, ranging from "College Prep" to "Advanced Placement."      ...

    Bercovich Excels in AZ

    Date:10/07/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      Bercovich Excels at AZ Fall Classic       A strong group of Juniors travelled to Arizona to play on the Mariners and Padres Spring Training fields in front of college recruiters who were in attendance.  The Junior Fall Classic is one of the most attended showcases by college coaches as they diligently try to search for talent for their schools.  &...

    Bercovich 35 Heading Back to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2020!

    Date:08/06/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      Mario Iglesias on his Bercovich 35 trip to Fairbanks, Alaska - 2019   * We have since been informed that we will have the privilege of returning in the Summer of 2020 and we need to LOAD UP with talent over the next year!   As we travel home from Fairbanks, I just want to thank you all for the experiences in Alaska and over the summer.  My goal for this group was th...

    19th Annual Memorial Day Tournament! 10U/11U & 12U/13U Divisions

    Date:05/20/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

    This is our 19th year since creating this event. It is a favorite among players and former players and coaches often stop by to watch. We are looking forward to a great weekend of baseball! Make sure to look over the rosters, schedules, and scroll all the way down for the  rules for the tournament information.    12U/13U SCHEDULE AND ROSTERS BLACK CARDINAL ...


    Date:05/02/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      For those who missed tryouts, please contact Mario Iglesias at mario74iglesias@aol.com for an evaluation!   The revised August schedule is below.  Field availability and final counts of players have contributed to the changes.  HOWEVER, players are welcome to attend a different group as needed to make sure they are training!   INDOOR PRACTICES ...

    2019 SUMMER CAMPS!

    Date:04/11/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      The Headfirst Summer camps started Eighteen years ago and we have been told it is one of the top camps around. With experienced instructors and a format that keeps the players engaged, the camps draw players from all over Northern California. Each camp is limited to 24 players. The players are divided into two even teams and they compete in team competitions and a five game serie...


    Date:03/06/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

    HS SPRING TRAINING PROGRAM   FORMAT:         The High School Spring Training Program is designed to give high school players who are not playing on a high school team.  Players will actually take a leap forward during this time as they will receive  quality coaching and DEFINITELY benefit from game reps!   WHEN:          &n...

    Article On Santa Clara Baseball Site!

    Date:03/02/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      Congratulations to Bercovich player, Jeffrey Heinrich! Jeffery will join brother Ethan at Santa Clara University. The article below is from the Santa Clara Baseball website.   SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Santa Clara baseball announced the sixth member of its incoming recruiting class for the 2019-20 season, Jeffrey Heinrich.  The brother of current Bronco junior pitcher Et...

    Rookies Summer Program

    Date:02/27/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      "Rookies" Summer Session      Headfirst Baseball is known as the leader in player development in Northern California. With over 200 alumni going to college/pro baseball progams, Headfirst has a system that will get the most out of each player's ability.  Jimmy Meuel (10 year college coach and HF Camp Coordinator) will spea...

    Academy Available For Your Team!

    Date:02/15/2019   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      This is the best deal in the Bay Area! Instead of renting a single cage in a crowded space for $80/hr., your team can rent the entire academy in a private setting for $100/hr! The academy has two 55ft cages that are set up with four hitting stations, two pitching mounds with sock nets to throw into, hitting tees, and baseballs. We also have a pitching room, lobby for the parents to w...


    Date:12/26/2018   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      MONDAY TRYOUT UPDATE...       1 - Fields are closed today from weekend rain.  Tryouts are pushed back and there is not a tryout or practice option for today as the HF Academy is fully occupied.     2 - Look below for this week's TRYOUT MAKE UP SCHEDULE     3 - Location will be HF Academy (7075 Commerce Circle in Pleasanton)    ...

    Tree of Teams and Coaches

    Date:11/26/2018   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  


    Headfirst Scholar Athletes!

    Date:11/17/2018   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

        Headfirst Baseball wants to recognize players that work hard in the classroom. Headfirst has always tried to help players understand that it takes a certain work ethic to achieve success on and off of the field. The players below have turned in their current report cards and we are proud to give them the recognition that they deserve.    Scholar MVP Sch...


    Date:10/31/2018   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      2019 INFORMATION FROM WINTER MEETINGS The Winter Meetings for 2019 included more than 160 high school families that took the time in the middle of the Winter to learn about what 2019 will bring for the Headfirst Upper Division.  An outline of the information is below for those who could not attend or for those who wish to review the content.     WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? ...


    Date:10/31/2018   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      HF Tryout Information       *    HF UD tryouts for 2019 will be in early December (Dates and location are the first two Saturdays of December in the evening – 12/1 and 12/8 in Danville at Sycamore Valley Park’s turfed fields).  Look below for the times.       *    The fee ...

    HF Alum Sets MLB Record!

    Date:09/06/2018   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

    HF alum, Rowdy Tellez, was called up to the Major Leagues by the Toronto Blue Jays on September 5th. In his first at bat, Tellez hit the first pitch for a double. He started the next game and was 3-4 with three more doubles. He was the first player in MLB history to have three extra base hits in his first three at bats!  Tellez played for the Bercovich Gold Collegiate team. In the last ...


    Date:05/10/2018   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      HF 2018 SUMMER MEETING OVERVIEW   Welcome to 2018 Summer/Fall OUR goal is getting players a step closer to college baseball YOUR goal is probably to get better, compete and have success BOTH goals are to have a good experience and return next year!   What is the San Ramon Show? Show is backed by HF Management, along with others who have joined the board of the San Ra...

    2018 HF Upper Division Details

    Date:02/24/2018   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

    2018 HF Upper Division Details   Commitment:             Summer (June/July) AND Fall (Sept/Oct/Nov)   Summer:                     Approximately 2 practices per week (Indoor & outdoor)     &...


    Date:12/16/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      Click Here to Visit Store ...

    14U Baseball Options for 2018

    Date:11/21/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

    Below is a summary of the information given at the 14U Meeting for 2018.  It is important to read through all of it as the 14U season has twists and turns because of high school disrupting the flow of the 14U year...   1 – HF has the equivalent of SIX 14U teams heading into the new year. 2 – 14U is a complex year because “half of the players” go to high school...


    Date:10/01/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  



    Date:09/27/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  


    BBF Tournament Schedule for Sept. 16/17

    Date:09/12/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

      The tournament brackets and information for the BBF tournament are below.  The BBF is hosting the tournament and will have a full snack bar at the field. All of the proceeds go to the foundation to help any families with hardships. Plan on having a post game meal at the park! They will also have a 50/50 raffle.  Location: Fallon Fields in Dublin CA (Softball fields with lig...

    2017 Fall Tournament Schedules

    Date:09/04/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

    JANUARY 20/21 27/28 10U Gamers- Digirolamo NCTB TPR 11U T Sox- Digirolamo NCTB TPR 11U Gamers- Dronkers NCTB TPR 11U Bercovich Iglesias NCTB NCTB 12U Bercovich - Morales NCTB NCTB 12U Gamers- Morales NCTB NCTB 12U Knights- Quizon NCTB   12U T Sox- Dronkers NCTB ...


    Date:09/01/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  


    Practice/Tournament Schedules

    Date:09/01/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy  

    PRIVATE LESSONS Private Lessons - Please use the schedule below to choose an ideal day and time for a weekly private lesson.  You are encouraged to act quickly to get your desired day/time.  Contact George Athan for all lessons scheduling as he will create a master list with all coaches who are giving lessons.  Also email any lessons questions to him so he can advise...


    Date:08/31/2017   Source:Headfirst Baseball Academy