Baseball / Play for a HF UD Team in 2020!

Play for a HF UD Team in 2020!

Date:  Source: Headfirst Baseball Academy



             2020 will feature the very best coaching staff that the Headfirst Upper Division has ever had from top to bottom!  There will be BOTH some grade level and age level teams, ranging from "College Prep" to "Advanced Placement."  

            Juniors/Seniors (17U/18U) - Mario Iglesias will be coaching BOTH Junior and Senior class Bercovich 35 Honors teams, Mike Bungarz and Jimmy Meuel will also be in this division

            Freshmen/Sophomores (15U/16U) - George Athan will coach BOTH Frosh and Sophomore Bercovich 24 teams, Tim Harris and Tom Bischofberger will also coach in this division.

STEP 1          Attend a tryout (details below) to be selected for January

STEP 2          “January College Showcase Training” (details below)

STEP 3          Team Placement for Summer/Fall

STEP 4          Spring “College Showcase Training” (Optional)

STEP 5          2020 Summer/Fall Teams


TRYOUT 1    Saturday, November 23 @ Fallon Field (Dublin)

                        11am – 1:30 for 9th and 10th grade players

                        1:30 – 4pm for 11th and 12th grade players

                        College Coaches (non Div 1) will be in attendance!

                        Cost - $50 (RSVP is necessary –

TRYOUT 2    Sunday, December 1 @ Sycamore Valley Field (Danville)

                        11am – 1:30 for 9th and 10th grade players

                        1:30 – 4pm for 11th and 12th grade players

                        College Coaches (non Div 1) will be in attendance!

                        Cost - $50 (RSVP is necessary –



  •         1) The general goal for HF Upper Division players is to play baseball in college


  •         2) “Showcasing” is the primary way to get exposure to college coaches and it is critical for players to learn HOW to showcase well.  This is not natural for players and they are not coached this way at the high school level.


  •         3) HF players have many opportunities to be in front of college coaches within HF events alone (Over 33 different colleges came to watch HF players in 2019 alone).  It is important for players to learn how to showcase well!


  •         4) We have noticed that players are not very well prepared for the stage of “showcasing” and our solution is to spend January focusing on “showcasing” better.  While any organization can provide random tournaments, only HF can offer this type of training on college fields.


  •         5) We will train on college fields on Sundays in January (with college coaches in attendance), starting with St Mary’s College in Moraga on 1/12 and Ohlone College in Fremont on 1/19 (TBA on 1/26).


  •         6) We will train players in the areas of tempo, style of play, collegiate speed of the game, player presentation/body language, and players generally “selling themselves” to college coaches.  Though the focus is college baseball, this will double as the very best way to prepare players for the immediate goal of high school tryouts with defensive, offensive and pitching training.


  •         7) In addition to the Showcase Training workouts on Sundays, we will practice weekly at the HF Academy


  •         8) The month on January will also be a month-long tryout for the 2020 teams to be decided by HF Staff.  Then offers will go out as teams are finalized over the Spring.


  •         9) Cost - $285 for the month of January