Baseball / Bantam Prep Roster Announcement

Bantam Prep Roster Announcement

Date:  Source: BCPBL - UBC Thunder

After much deliberation and discussion regarding the future of the UBC Thunder Program, we have finished selecting the roster of the UBC Thunder Bantam Prep team for the 2021 season. Each of these players has great potential in the game, selected for that reason and are players which we would love to continue to work alongside them, as they work towards their goals for the 2021 season.

  • Matt Vrlak 
  • Oliver Clements 
  • Pelham Statton
  • Nolan Hunt
  • Keaton O'Kennedy 
  • Parker Eastwood-Lillies 
  • Dylan Pride
  • Edward Wilde 
  • Emmanuel Astrakianakis 
  • Jeffrey Jamieson 
  • Robert Jamieson 
  • Shintaro Kubo 
  • Benjamin Rossiter 
  • Braeden Scott
  • Alex Cole 
  • Callum Whidden
  • Bonyoon Goo 
  • Keith Bailey