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Covington Lumberjacks - Transactions


07/13/17 Davis, Steven released
07/13/17 Craft, Kyle released
07/13/17 Fernandez, Francisco released
07/05/17 Jones, Walker released
07/02/17 Diaz, Anthony released
06/28/17 Boyle, Parker released
06/28/17 Menders, Jacob released
06/22/17 Belle, Dillon released
06/22/17 Gomez, Ernie released
06/22/17 Fowler, Garrett released
06/22/17 Strange, Jackson released
06/19/17 Vicens, Brandon released
06/15/17 martinez, joshua released
06/13/17 Allen, Dustin released
06/13/17 fitzpatick, sean released
06/10/17 Baggett, Tommy released