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Summer 2017 - Transactions

Date Team  
07/28/17 Front Royal Cardinals Moclair, Mark traded to outside league Cotuit Kettlers
07/28/17 Front Royal Cardinals Andrews, Joshua traded to outside league Cotuit Kettlers
07/28/17 Strasburg Express Davis, Brian released
07/28/17 Woodstock River Bandits Belinda, Wyatt traded to New Market Rebels
07/28/17 New Market Rebels Belinda, Wyatt acquired in trade from Woodstock River Bandits
07/28/17 Woodstock River Bandits Mancuso, Drew traded to Strasburg Express
07/28/17 Strasburg Express Mancuso, Drew acquired in trade from Woodstock River Bandits
07/28/17 Strasburg Express Lanier, Marquise released
07/27/17 Harrisonburg Turks Bullinger, Cade released
07/27/17 Harrisonburg Turks Catalani, Joseph acquired in trade from Woodstock River Bandits
07/27/17 Woodstock River Bandits Catalani, Joseph traded to Harrisonburg Turks
07/26/17 Waynesboro Generals Grier, Harper activated
07/26/17 Waynesboro Generals Phillips, Parker released
07/25/17 Strasburg Express Furstace, Jackson released
07/25/17 Strasburg Express Jones, Hunter released
07/25/17 Strasburg Express Landry, Simon released
07/24/17 Purcellville Cannons Vogtsberger, Brandyn signed
07/24/17 Purcellville Cannons Marshall, Payton released
07/22/17 Front Royal Cardinals Kirsch, Michael released
07/22/17 Front Royal Cardinals Hassell, Jaden released
07/22/17 Front Royal Cardinals Mumper, Marc released
07/22/17 Front Royal Cardinals Harris, Trevor released
07/22/17 Front Royal Cardinals Aldebol, Pedro released
07/22/17 Front Royal Cardinals Thomas, Blake released
07/22/17 Purcellville Cannons Watkins, Langston released
07/22/17 Purcellville Cannons Lovaglio, Salvatore released
07/22/17 Waynesboro Generals Hall, Conner activated
07/22/17 Harrisonburg Turks Popatak II, Greg released
07/22/17 Harrisonburg Turks Dofflemyer, Tanner released
07/21/17 Staunton Braves Eppard, Aaron signed
07/21/17 Waynesboro Generals Amisano, Zach activated
07/21/17 Waynesboro Generals Perez, Andrew released
07/21/17 Waynesboro Generals Lebron, Victor activated
07/20/17 Staunton Braves Mullins, Cuinn signed
07/20/17 Staunton Braves Coss, Colton signed
07/20/17 Staunton Braves Overstreet, Patrick released
07/19/17 Purcellville Cannons Peck, Hunter released
07/19/17 Woodstock River Bandits Cline, Jonathan released
07/18/17 Waynesboro Generals Bowers, Tyghe activated
07/17/17 Front Royal Cardinals Gobbell, Calvin activated
07/17/17 Strasburg Express Galligan, Jack activated
07/16/17 Front Royal Cardinals Ortega, Nickolas released
07/16/17 Front Royal Cardinals Petrie, Michael released
07/16/17 Front Royal Cardinals Ramirez, Junior activated
07/15/17 Waynesboro Generals Robbins, Dakota activated
07/14/17 Staunton Braves Cox, Jordan released
07/14/17 Staunton Braves Nelson, Dillon released
07/14/17 Staunton Braves Labosky, Andrew released
07/14/17 Staunton Braves Doyle, Brian signed
07/14/17 Strasburg Express Stevens, Ryan released
07/14/17 Strasburg Express Nicoll, Thomas released
07/14/17 Strasburg Express Anderson, Ryan released
07/13/17 Charlottesville TomSox Blalock, Tyrie activated
07/13/17 Covington Lumberjacks Davis, Steven released
07/13/17 Covington Lumberjacks Craft, Kyle released
07/13/17 Covington Lumberjacks Fernandez, Francisco released
07/12/17 Front Royal Cardinals Dunlap, Michael activated
07/12/17 Purcellville Cannons Morton, Kyle released
07/12/17 Strasburg Express Radcliff, Connor released
07/11/17 Front Royal Cardinals Perkins, Carter released
07/11/17 Strasburg Express Stokes, Hunter released
07/11/17 Purcellville Cannons Diaz, Dominic released
07/11/17 Waynesboro Generals Stubbs, Lincoln activated
07/11/17 Strasburg Express Butts, Steven released
07/10/17 Front Royal Cardinals Ruggles, Ryan released
07/10/17 Waynesboro Generals Fuentes, Israel released
07/10/17 Waynesboro Generals Long, Reid activated
07/10/17 Waynesboro Generals Mahoney, Andrew released
07/10/17 Waynesboro Generals Wilson, Hunter released
07/10/17 Waynesboro Generals Holloway, Tim released
07/09/17 Front Royal Cardinals McDonough, Michael released
07/08/17 Waynesboro Generals Cromwell, Patrick activated
07/07/17 Waynesboro Generals Bitar, Ellis released
07/06/17 Staunton Braves Nelson, Dillon activated
07/06/17 Woodstock River Bandits Crain, Eric released
07/06/17 Waynesboro Generals Robinson, Andrew released
07/05/17 Covington Lumberjacks Jones, Walker released
07/05/17 Harrisonburg Turks McCoy, Tucker released
07/03/17 Staunton Braves Gochenour, Brandon released
07/03/17 Strasburg Express Lanier, Marquise activated
07/03/17 Staunton Braves Williams, Ryan released
07/02/17 Covington Lumberjacks Diaz, Anthony released
07/01/17 Waynesboro Generals Rosa, Ryan released
06/30/17 Strasburg Express Bonilla Traverso, Jose released
06/29/17 Waynesboro Generals Cosentino, James activated
06/29/17 Waynesboro Generals Bitar, Ellis activated
06/29/17 Waynesboro Generals Jolly, Trey placed on disabled list
06/28/17 Covington Lumberjacks Boyle, Parker released
06/28/17 Front Royal Cardinals Gottschall, Jonathan activated
06/28/17 Covington Lumberjacks Menders, Jacob released
06/28/17 Harrisonburg Turks McCann, Kyle released
06/28/17 Purcellville Cannons Skidmore, Tanner released
06/28/17 Waynesboro Generals Russ, Austin released
06/28/17 Strasburg Express Butler, Jeffrey activated
06/27/17 Strasburg Express Stokes, Hunter placed on inactive list
06/27/17 Woodstock River Bandits Brown, Colin released
06/27/17 Woodstock River Bandits Stone, Andrew released
06/27/17 Purcellville Cannons Diaz, Dominic activated
06/25/17 Staunton Braves Coale, Ryan released
06/25/17 Staunton Braves Edens, Austin signed
06/23/17 Staunton Braves Lane, Kam signed
06/23/17 Front Royal Cardinals Cato, Kelvin released
06/22/17 Covington Lumberjacks Belle, Dillon released
06/22/17 Covington Lumberjacks Gomez, Ernie released
06/22/17 Covington Lumberjacks Fowler, Garrett released
06/22/17 Covington Lumberjacks Strange, Jackson released
06/21/17 Waynesboro Generals Jolly, Trey activated
06/21/17 Waynesboro Generals Mahoney, Andrew activated
06/21/17 Waynesboro Generals Fuentes, Israel activated
06/19/17 Front Royal Cardinals Watson, Ryan released
06/19/17 Purcellville Cannons Painter, Mitchell released
06/19/17 Front Royal Cardinals Greene, Jordan activated
06/19/17 Covington Lumberjacks Vicens, Brandon released
06/18/17 Harrisonburg Turks Sanders, Brenton released
06/18/17 Harrisonburg Turks Smartt, Chase released
06/16/17 Waynesboro Generals Arenas, Jorge placed on disabled list
06/15/17 Covington Lumberjacks martinez, joshua released
06/14/17 Front Royal Cardinals Andrews, Ted released
06/14/17 Waynesboro Generals Bellini, Joseph activated
06/13/17 Covington Lumberjacks Allen, Dustin released
06/13/17 Covington Lumberjacks fitzpatick, sean released
06/12/17 Waynesboro Generals Cooper, Dillon activated
06/12/17 Staunton Braves Woods, Corley activated
06/12/17 Staunton Braves Widra, Tristan released
06/11/17 Front Royal Cardinals Perkins, Carter activated
06/11/17 Waynesboro Generals Perez, Andrew activated
06/11/17 Purcellville Cannons Summerall, Andru released
06/10/17 Covington Lumberjacks Baggett, Tommy released
06/09/17 Front Royal Cardinals Petrie, Michael activated
06/09/17 Waynesboro Generals Loeprich, Conner activated
06/07/17 Front Royal Cardinals Leckich, Ryan activated
06/07/17 Waynesboro Generals Olive, Braden activated
06/07/17 Waynesboro Generals Rosa, Ryan activated
06/06/17 Front Royal Cardinals Ortega, Nickolas activated
06/05/17 Waynesboro Generals Mosser, Gabe activated
06/04/17 Waynesboro Generals Thompson, Tyler activated
06/03/17 Front Royal Cardinals Hassell, Jaden activated
06/03/17 Waynesboro Generals Vranesh, Joe activated
06/03/17 Waynesboro Generals Bush, Jason activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals OShea, Patrick activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Wilson, Hunter activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Stephens, Malik activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Russ, Austin activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Robinson, Luke activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Robinson, Andrew activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Phillips, Parker activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Evers, Zach activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Estrada, Joseph activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Bradley, McClain activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Tolano, Daniel activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Suponchick, Grant activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Kinney, Payton activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Holloway, Tim activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Hisel, John activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Goldsberry, Blake activated
06/02/17 Waynesboro Generals Bye, Garrett activated