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Strasburg Express - Transactions


07/28/17 Davis, Brian released
07/28/17 Mancuso, Drew acquired in trade from Woodstock River Bandits
07/28/17 Lanier, Marquise released
07/25/17 Furstace, Jackson released
07/25/17 Jones, Hunter released
07/25/17 Landry, Simon released
07/17/17 Galligan, Jack activated
07/14/17 Stevens, Ryan released
07/14/17 Nicoll, Thomas released
07/14/17 Anderson, Ryan released
07/12/17 Radcliff, Connor released
07/11/17 Stokes, Hunter released
07/11/17 Butts, Steven released
07/03/17 Lanier, Marquise activated
06/30/17 Bonilla Traverso, Jose released
06/28/17 Butler, Jeffrey activated
06/27/17 Stokes, Hunter placed on inactive list