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Calgary Vipers - Transactions


02/04/10 Privett, Todd acquired in trade from Edmonton Capitals North Sore Rail Cats
08/27/09 Perez, Wilver acquired in trade from Victoria Seals
08/18/09 Hess, Isaac acquired in trade from Victoria Seals
08/16/09 Reyes, Ivan released
08/09/09 Wilhelmson, Tom traded to Tucson Toros
08/08/09 Jiannetti, Joe released
08/06/09 Wilhelmson, Tom acquired in trade from Tucson Toros Milwaukee Brewers
07/28/09 Huizinga, Jon released
07/26/09 Morales, Buddy released
07/13/09 Okano, Mark released
07/10/09 Webb, Alan released
07/07/09 Torres, Andy released
06/28/09 Recuenco, Rob released
06/28/09 James, Frank released
06/22/09 Jiannetti, Joe signed
06/20/09 Johnston, Clint released
06/17/09 Cillo, Cody released
06/08/09 Mermer, Terry released
06/07/09 Nagasaka, Hideki activated
06/07/09 Dessau, Erik activated
06/07/09 Suzuki, Mac activated
06/07/09 Greusel, Evan activated
06/07/09 Romo, Andrew released
06/07/09 Duncan, Carlos released
06/07/09 Blakney, Zak released