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Guelph Regals Lacrosse Club
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OLA Z8 (OLA Z8-Guelph Regals)


 Divisions League Message

Girls Novice Division- Practice
Girls Midget Division- Practice
Girls Peewee Division- Practice
Peewee Houseleague
Girls- Novice Division
Girls- Midget Division
Girls- Peewee Division
Field- Tyke U-9 Division 1
Field- Tyke U-9 Division 2
Field- Novice U-11 Division 1
Field- Novice U-11 Division 2
Field- Peewee U-13 Division 2
Field- Peewee U-13 Division 3
Field- Bantam U-15 Division 1
Field- Bantam U-15 Division 2
Field- Midget U-17 Division
FIELD Tyke Practice
FIELD Novice Practice
FIELD Peewee Practice
FIELD Bantam Practice
FIELD Midget Practice
REP Senior Paperweight Practice
REP Tyke Practice
REP Novice Practice
REP Peewee Practice
REP Bantam Practice
REP Midget Practice
REP Intermediate Practice
Field- Try-outs
Field Practice
Box- Rep-Tryouts
JR B Guelph Regals- PRACTICE
JR B Guelph Regals
JR B Tryouts
Box Rep- Senior Paperweight
Box Rep- Tyke
Box Rep- Novice
Box Rep- Peewee
Box Rep- Bantam
Box Rep- Midget
Box Rep- Intermediate
Box Houseleague- Paperweight
Box Houseleague- Senior Paperweight
Box Houseleague- Tyke
Box Houseleague- Novice
Box Houseleague- Peewee
Box Houseleague- Bantam
Welcome to the 2014 Lacrosse Season.
League Facilities
Laptop rink Activa Sportsplex
Laptop rink Alder Street Recreation Centre
Online entry arena Alumni Field
Laptop rink Arthur Rec. Complex
Laptop rink Bayshore Community Centre
Laptop rink Cambridge Ice Centre
Laptop rink Cambridge Sports Park
Online entry arena Centennial Arena
Laptop rink Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex
Online entry arena Creditview/Sandalwood Sports Field
Online entry arena Dickson Park Centre
Online entry arena Duncan McIntosh Community Center
Laptop rink Elora & District Community Centre
Exhibition Arena
Laptop rink Fergus Memorial
Online entry arena GMLA Office
Laptop rink Galt Arena Gardens
Laptop rink Grand River Arena
Online entry arena Gryphon Fieldhouse
Online entry arena Gryphon Soccer Complex
Online entry arena Hespeler Memorial Arena
Laptop rink Iroquois Lacrosse Arena
Laptop rink Iroquois Park Sports Center
Online entry arena Julie McArthur Regional Recreation Centre
Online entry arena Karl Homuth Arena
Online entry arena Lions Arena
Online entry arena McLaren Arena
Online entry arena Merritton Lions Arena
Laptop rink Milton Memorial Arena
Laptop rink Milton Sports Centre
Laptop rink North Huron Wescast Community Complex
Online entry arena Point Edward Arena
Laptop rink Preston Memorial Auditorium
Online entry arena Queensmount Arena
Laptop rink Sleeman Centre
Online entry arena Sportsworld Twin Pad
Online entry arena TBD
Laptop rink Tony Rose Memorial Arena
University of Guelph
Online entry arena Varsity Field
Laptop rink Victoria Road Community Center
Online entry arena WLU - Alumni Field
Laptop rink Wallaceburg Memorial Arena
Online entry arena Welland Arena
Online entry arena West End Community Centre
Online entry arena Woodside Park

 League Schedule

League Schedule

(division and team schedules available further in stats section)
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Guelph Regals Lacrosse Club