Baseball / Meet the SwampBats: Jonathan Edwards

Meet the SwampBats: Jonathan Edwards

Date:  Source: NECBL - Keene Swamp Bats

For many people, good things come in three’s. That saying applies to Georgia Southern and Keene SwampBat pitcher Jonathan Edwards.

Edwards is one of the three players from the Georgia Southern Eagles. While he has great chemistry with the whole team, he has a special bond with one other player, David Johnson.

“We’re both pitchers, he [David] is one class ahead of me so he kind of groomed me this past year, and we lived together, and we commute and talk a lot, we just spend a lot of time together, and I’m really enjoying it,” said Edwards.

That chemistry with the pitchers also elevated his bond with the coaches.

“I love them, Frank is really good with the pitching staff and I can learn a lot from him,” said Edwards.

While enjoying his time in Keene, Edwards is looking to improve many aspects of his pitching.

“Right now, I’m trying to get back and throw more strikes, so I can get into more relief roles and maybe a few starts,” said Edwards.

Edwards was drafted in round 16 of the 2018 Major League Baseball Draft, by the Texas Rangers. But instead of going right into the minor leagues, Edwards refused the contract deal and opted to go to college.

“I wanted to go to school, the college experience was one thing that I really did not want to miss out on,” said Edwards.

Because he declined that offer from the Rangers, Edwards is looking to progress with his pitching and get drafted after his junior year at college. But right now, he is focused on playing baseball in Keene.

“I am loving it, meeting new guys from different organizations, it’s awesome,” said Edwards.

See you at the field.

Connor Ullathorne

Social Media and Promotions Intern