Hockey / Roberts, Spence, Reeve, Bell Upend Tugmen and Chiefs, Blazers Remain Unbeaten

Roberts, Spence, Reeve, Bell Upend Tugmen and Chiefs, Blazers Remain Unbeaten

Date:  Source: Victoria Senior Lacrosse League

Hey guys. Long time no talk! Sorry for the lack of update last week – unfortunately it took us awhile to get our hands on scoresheets to give a proper update. That, and the fact that we don’t really have the funds to pay overtime to get these posts out the door in a timely fashion. Speaking of which – SPONSOR US! We’d love to help your company/brand/products/services/etc in whatever way we can. Let’s have some fun.


Back to lacrosse. Last Tuesday, the Blazers held off an improved and impressive Tugmen squad with a 10-6 win. Cody Boon netted 3 goals 1 assist, Aaron Roberts 2 goals and 4 assists, and assistant captain Julian Spence added 2 goals 1 assist. Goals were also scored by Kurt Bronson, Nick Arthur, and Jeremy Bell.


Yesterday, the Blazers took the floor again against the recent expansion Saanich Chiefs squad. It was an offensive bonanza for the Blazers, led by assistant captain Julian Spence and lower mainland import Aaron Roberts (6 goals and 4 assists each), Bryan Reeve (4 goals, 4 assists), Jeremy Bell (1 goal, 7 assists), and Trenton Douglas (3 goals, 2 assists).


Once again, there were tons of celebs in the building. We saw the Trivago guy, but he wouldn’t talk to us on the record. Overall attendance was just below 450 people.


 Victoria Blazers “Kool-And-The-Gang 3 Stars”:

1) The whole team, really.

The Blazers return to action tomorrow, Thursday May 17, at 9:00pm when they take on their historic rival the Jokers at Archie Browning Sports Centre in Esquimalt. Admission is free, so come check it out. 

Photo courtesy of local photographer Kasey Eriksen. Thanks Kasey! You can find more of her work here:

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