Date:  Source: Elite Ice Hockey League

New Nottingham Panthers coach Rich Chernomaz says he’s come to the club to win after agreeing to replace Corey Neilson behind the bench.

The 54-year-old arrives with a wealth of experience, having played in the NHL and AHL and coached in Germany for almost two decades.

And he’s already aiming for the top as he gets ready to face the challenge of the Elite League.

“The only reason I came here is to win,” Chernomaz said. “I know Corey before me has a great record of that and we want to take it to the next level.

“We want to be at the top of the standings for years to come.  It’s easy to say and another thing to do, but it’s important we give ourselves a chance to win every night.”

Chernomaz worked with former Braehead Clan coach Paul Gardner at Löwen Frankfurt with whom he won DEL2 in 2017.

He’s also a two-time DEL winning coach having won the German title with Kolner Haïe (2002) and Frankfurt Lions (2004).

As a player, he made over 50 appearances in the NHL and just under 500 in the AHL before moving the Germany, where he carved out a career in a variety of roles.

He also served as head coach of the Hungarian national team for five years under last year and outlined the sort of bench leader the Panthers are getting.

Chernomaz added: “I’ve always been told I’m hard, but fair, and I think as long as I’ve been coaching in Europe that things have changed.  

“The mindset and the way players think has changed down the years and you have to be able to adjust and take a step back, while finding common ground to get the best out of them.

“We’ve had a lot of success with having teams of size and speed as those are two things you can’t teach as a coach.

“I like to play offensive minded and an aggressive type of system.  We want to play entertaining hockey, because the fans spend their money to see it and it’s a big part of my strategy.”