Date:  Source: Elite Ice Hockey League

Edinburgh Capitals have announced a new management structure and have committed to the Elite League next season.

After a season of uncertainty off the ice, they have announced a new board will be formed to look after the club and its interests as they look to next season.

The club will be managed by Edinburgh Capitals Board, who will keep Scott Neil as the club’s Head of Hockey Operations as they outlined their way forward.

In a statement on the club’s website, it said: The club has spent the last few months working on a major change in structure which will help it develop and create a stronger future. 

“This new structure is something that should have been put in place some time ago and there is no hiding the fact that mistakes have been made.

“This will see a major change in the management of the club as it rebuilds and will now be managed by the Edinburgh Capitals Board which will have investors and representatives, from several business areas and professions, who will meet monthly.

“They have committed to a significant level of investment and are ready to begin implementing a robust business plan and stronger roster for next season.”

The new board will also consist of two fan representatives, one from the Edinburgh Capitals Supporters Club and a fan of the club who doesn’t work or volunteer in any capacity.

But as the statement continues, the club are keen be more transparent in the way they run things and get the fans back on side after an uneasy relationship this season.

The statement added: “These two board members would bring ideas and a different perspective to decisions and this new access will allow the Capitals to have far greater transparency in the way in which the club is run.

“It is the first step in earning back trust from Edinburgh Capitals fans and the Board hope that over time this will help renew the close bond between club and fans, which has been a major part of the club’s identity in the past.

“The Edinburgh Capitals Board are committed to bringing the fans competitive Elite League hockey next year with a strong roster of players and a club they can be proud of once again.”

PHOTO: Ian Rutherford