Divisions Tournament Message

Mites (8 and Under)
Squirts (10 and Under)
Pee Wees (12 and Under)
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NOTE TO TEAM CAPTAINS/COACHES: For accurate stats, make sure the jersey numbers and names on your team roster are correct.

NOTE TO PLAYERS: Try to wear a consistent jersey number all weekend or inform the scorekeeper of any roster changes (especially jersey number changes) before your game starts. Your stats will be more accurate if you follow these simple guidelines. Thanks for your cooperation.

LENGTH OF GAME: All games shall consist of three (3) twelve (12) minute periods. There will be a three (3) minute warm-up before each game and a one (1) minute break between periods. One (1) minute time-out per team permitted during championship games only. Stop-time in the final two minutes of the championship games only if score differential is within two (2) goals. Teams should be ready to play fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled game time.

Good luck to all players!

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Tournament Facilities
Online entry arena Kendall Ice Arena
Online entry arena Pines Ice Arena

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 Contact Information

Kendall Ice Arena
• (305) 386-8288