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2016 NECBL Season - Transactions

Date Team  
08/04/16 Danbury Westerners Whiteman, Simon released
07/26/16 Valley Blue Sox Bauer, Derek released
07/26/16 Valley Blue Sox Nittoli, James released
07/25/16 Newport Gulls Strohschein, Kevin released
07/25/16 Newport Gulls Goddard, Jackson released
07/25/16 Newport Gulls Prendergast, Zach released
07/25/16 Newport Gulls Wilpon, Bradley released
07/25/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Workman, Blake released
07/25/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Rodriguez, Gabriel released
07/24/16 Newport Gulls Matheny, Shane released
07/24/16 Newport Gulls Summerville, Andrew released
07/24/16 Newport Gulls Brady, Denny released
07/24/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Padgett, Grayson released
07/24/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Maul, Matt released
07/24/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Byrd, Grayson released
07/22/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Connolly, Jack released
07/22/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Schank, Jeff released
07/22/16 Valley Blue Sox Leasher, Aaron released
07/22/16 Keene Swamp Bats Stallings, Brandt released
07/21/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Sullivan, Shea released
07/21/16 Sanford Mainers Krowiak, Cameron released
07/20/16 Winnipesaukee Muskrats Campbell, Paul released
07/20/16 Keene Swamp Bats Doyle, Tommy released
07/19/16 Sanford Mainers Parker VI, John released
07/18/16 Keene Swamp Bats Goshen, Taylor released
07/18/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Cobb, Chris released
07/16/16 Sanford Mainers Brown, Dalton released
07/16/16 Mystic Schooners Goldstein, Zach released
07/16/16 Mystic Schooners Rios, Willie released
07/16/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Walden, AJ released
07/14/16 Danbury Westerners Silva, Eddie released
07/14/16 Danbury Westerners Minnick, Matthew released
07/14/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Tufts, Ryan released
07/13/16 Sanford Mainers Steeves, Samuel released
07/12/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Crosby, Drew released
07/12/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Perry, Zach released
07/12/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Klebart, Keith released
07/12/16 New Bedford Bay Sox DiMare, Danny signed
07/11/16 Keene Swamp Bats Murray, Joey released
07/11/16 Ocean State Waves Madigan, Patrick released
07/11/16 Ocean State Waves Hood, Jarrett released
07/11/16 Ocean State Waves Keating, Daniel released
07/10/16 Valley Blue Sox Johnson, Tyler released
07/10/16 Danbury Westerners Follis, Kolby released
07/09/16 Vermont Mountaineers Pinkham, Zeke released
07/08/16 Valley Blue Sox Jones, Travis released
07/08/16 Danbury Westerners Vargas, Alex released
07/07/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Reilly, Luke released
07/07/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Dana, Cullen released
07/06/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Salvadore, Timothy released
07/06/16 Winnipesaukee Muskrats Perez, Nicholas released
07/06/16 Winnipesaukee Muskrats Theriot, Brayden released
07/06/16 Winnipesaukee Muskrats Pagano, Anthony released
07/05/16 Vermont Mountaineers Lamb, Culver released
07/05/16 Vermont Mountaineers Benitez, Joey released
07/03/16 Sanford Mainers Griffin, Garet released
07/03/16 Danbury Westerners Tutun, Griffin released
07/03/16 Danbury Westerners Conley, Bryce released
07/03/16 Newport Gulls Mann, Devin released
07/03/16 Valley Blue Sox Leiderman, David released
07/02/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Breen, Sean released
07/01/16 Newport Gulls Spagnuolo, Brendan released
07/01/16 Newport Gulls Howard, Travis released
06/30/16 Valley Blue Sox Naliesnik, Jacen released
06/29/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Fournier, Adam released
06/29/16 Winnipesaukee Muskrats Ellison, Karl released
06/27/16 Keene Swamp Bats Sousa, Bennett released
06/27/16 Danbury Westerners Exley, Brian released
06/26/16 Vermont Mountaineers Pittman, JT released
06/25/16 Danbury Westerners Bardzell, Ashton released
06/25/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Berry, Connor released
06/25/16 Vermont Mountaineers Lett, David released
06/24/16 Mystic Schooners Cate, Timothy released
06/24/16 Danbury Westerners Crimi, Michael released
06/23/16 Sanford Mainers Mitchell, Connor released
06/23/16 Sanford Mainers Carr, Jordan released
06/23/16 Sanford Mainers Bauer, Derek released
06/23/16 Vermont Mountaineers Levanti, Gabe released
06/23/16 Mystic Schooners Davis, J.R. released
06/22/16 Danbury Westerners Maldonado, Frank released
06/22/16 Vermont Mountaineers Maguire, Morgan released
06/20/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Rowlett, Blake released
06/20/16 Danbury Westerners Polonia, Randy released
06/19/16 Upper Valley Nighthawks Byrd, Grayson released
06/19/16 Newport Gulls Vigeant, Shaun released
06/19/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Gibson, Benjamin released
06/19/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Balsamo, Johnny released
06/17/16 Winnipesaukee Muskrats Boone, Brandon released
06/17/16 Keene Swamp Bats Springfield, Devin released
06/17/16 Keene Swamp Bats Niggemeyer, Jacob released
06/17/16 Keene Swamp Bats Stewart, John released
06/17/16 Mystic Schooners Sprafke, Robert released
06/17/16 Danbury Westerners Van Degna, Michael released
06/16/16 Vermont Mountaineers DiNorcia, Donato released
06/16/16 New Bedford Bay Sox McMahan, Evan released
06/16/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Young, Michael released
06/15/16 Plymouth Pilgrims Sieber, Troy released
06/15/16 Vermont Mountaineers Bryson, Charles (Woody) released
06/13/16 North Adams SteepleCats Haley, Jim released
06/12/16 Sanford Mainers Seever, Jason released
06/12/16 Sanford Mainers Bingel, Brandon released
06/12/16 Mystic Schooners Papcun, Peter released
06/12/16 Mystic Schooners Buffett, Tyler released
06/12/16 Newport Gulls Reed, Remey released
06/11/16 Danbury Westerners Collins, Jake released
06/11/16 Danbury Westerners Zombro, Tyler released
06/10/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Wolfsberg, Ryan released
05/25/16 Danbury Westerners DeCarli, Jake released
05/23/16 New Bedford Bay Sox Reese, Phil released
05/11/16 Mystic Schooners Meyers, Jake released
05/11/16 Mystic Schooners Bottari, Nick released
05/11/16 Mystic Schooners Marsh, Danny placed on inactive list
05/10/16 Sanford Mainers Stevenson, JP released
05/10/16 Sanford Mainers Stunkel Jr., Duke released
05/10/16 Sanford Mainers Leyman, Bobby released