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Summer 2019 - Transactions

Date Team  
07/27/19 Purcellville Cannons Kasiski, Andrew traded to Waynesboro Generals
07/27/19 Waynesboro Generals Kasiski, Andrew acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
07/27/19 Purcellville Cannons Short, Avery traded to Charlottesville TomSox
07/27/19 Charlottesville TomSox Short, Avery acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
07/27/19 Purcellville Cannons Gutierrez, Jose traded to Winchester Royals
07/27/19 Winchester Royals Gutierrez, Jose acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
07/27/19 Purcellville Cannons Smith, Jeffery traded to Winchester Royals
07/27/19 Winchester Royals Smith, Jeffery acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
07/27/19 Waynesboro Generals Hrasky, Tucker activated
07/27/19 Waynesboro Generals Strickland, Carter released
07/27/19 Waynesboro Generals Casto, Daniel released
07/27/19 Waynesboro Generals Proffitt, Christian released
07/27/19 Waynesboro Generals Packert, Thomas activated
07/27/19 Waynesboro Generals Hess, Ethan activated
07/26/19 Purcellville Cannons Duncan, Greg traded to Strasburg Express
07/26/19 Strasburg Express Duncan, Greg acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
07/26/19 New Market Rebels Bailey, Noah traded to Front Royal Cardinals
07/26/19 Front Royal Cardinals Bailey, Noah acquired in trade from New Market Rebels
07/26/19 New Market Rebels Hart, Hunter released
07/26/19 Charlottesville TomSox Glavine, Peyton released
07/26/19 New Market Rebels Miller, Sean acquired in trade from Front Royal Cardinals Noah Bailey (Trade for)
07/26/19 Front Royal Cardinals Miller, Sean traded to New Market Rebels Noah Bailey (Trade for)
07/25/19 Staunton Braves Brown, Ronald released
07/25/19 Staunton Braves Adams, Devon released
07/25/19 Charlottesville TomSox Atkins, Carrson activated
07/25/19 Charlottesville TomSox Kingsbury, Kyle activated
07/25/19 Staunton Braves Sclafani, Blaise released
07/25/19 Waynesboro Generals Edwards, Christian released
07/25/19 Strasburg Express Jones, Collin released
07/24/19 Strasburg Express McGowan, Christian released
07/23/19 Charlottesville TomSox Nolan, Parker activated
07/23/19 Waynesboro Generals Tricarico, Ray activated
07/23/19 Waynesboro Generals Quiceno, Elijah released
07/22/19 Staunton Braves Showalter, Justin released
07/22/19 Strasburg Express Wright, Eli released
07/21/19 Purcellville Cannons Trace, Austin released
07/21/19 Strasburg Express Urena, Edward activated
07/20/19 Purcellville Cannons Felix, Jhonny activated
07/19/19 Front Royal Cardinals Hartzell, Matthew activated
07/19/19 Strasburg Express Fiedler, Holden activated
07/18/19 Strasburg Express Jean-Baptiste, Jahlin activated
07/18/19 Strasburg Express Sottile, Eric released
07/18/19 New Market Rebels Pethel, Chandler activated
07/18/19 New Market Rebels Hulett, Bryce activated
07/18/19 New Market Rebels Frontino, Samuel placed on disabled list
07/18/19 Strasburg Express Toney, Nicholas released
07/18/19 Purcellville Cannons Knowlton, Sam released
07/18/19 Purcellville Cannons Barolet, Nathan released
07/17/19 Charlottesville TomSox Giacomazzi, Paul activated
07/17/19 Woodstock River Bandits Rincones, Warnner released
07/17/19 Charlottesville TomSox Mueller, Austin activated
07/17/19 Charlottesville TomSox McMullen, Kirby released
07/16/19 Strasburg Express McMillan, Cole released
07/16/19 Waynesboro Generals Maberry, David activated
07/16/19 Waynesboro Generals Klepzig, Carson activated
07/16/19 Front Royal Cardinals Parr, Trey released
07/16/19 Front Royal Cardinals Turner, Kyle released
07/16/19 Waynesboro Generals Garcia, Santiago released
07/16/19 Waynesboro Generals Cannady, Seth released
07/16/19 Front Royal Cardinals Verdonk, Dylan released
07/15/19 Purcellville Cannons Ager, Justin activated
07/15/19 Strasburg Express Nevill, Landen released
07/15/19 Harrisonburg Turks Rodriguez, Alex released
07/15/19 Harrisonburg Turks Suarez, Pablo released
07/15/19 Harrisonburg Turks Irvine, Cameron released
07/15/19 Harrisonburg Turks Smith, Bryson released
07/15/19 Purcellville Cannons Di Vietro, Nick released
07/15/19 Staunton Braves Pastore, Duncan released
07/15/19 Strasburg Express Patterson, Jordan activated
07/15/19 Strasburg Express Friese, Cole released
07/14/19 Woodstock River Bandits Sanchez, Tomas released
07/13/19 Strasburg Express Torrealba, Jose activated
07/13/19 Woodstock River Bandits Ackerman, John reinstated to active list
07/13/19 Woodstock River Bandits Whiteman, Brett released
07/13/19 Purcellville Cannons Hernandez, Angel released
07/13/19 Purcellville Cannons Hartley, Garrett released
07/13/19 Charlottesville TomSox Warner, Devin released
07/13/19 Waynesboro Generals Strickland, Carter activated
07/13/19 Waynesboro Generals Holler, Matthew activated
07/13/19 Waynesboro Generals Acosta, Joseph released
07/13/19 Waynesboro Generals Mercer, Matthew released
07/13/19 New Market Rebels Coscarella, Ryan released
07/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Ingram, James activated
07/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Dillard, Matthew activated
07/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Carmichael, Jaspar activated
07/11/19 Purcellville Cannons Sanguinetti, Chase released
07/10/19 Charlottesville TomSox Yourke, David released
07/10/19 Harrisonburg Turks Grimes, Cam released
07/10/19 Purcellville Cannons McGeorge, Aaron activated
07/10/19 Waynesboro Generals Andrzejczyk, Ryan activated
07/10/19 Waynesboro Generals Nix, Dylan released
07/09/19 Purcellville Cannons Pontes, Blaze released
07/09/19 Woodstock River Bandits Roberts, Jared released
07/09/19 Woodstock River Bandits Warner, Cody released
07/08/19 Purcellville Cannons Trace, Austin activated
07/08/19 Strasburg Express Evans, Garrett activated
07/08/19 Charlottesville TomSox Coker, Luke released
07/08/19 Charlottesville TomSox Owens, Brian released
07/08/19 Charlottesville TomSox Balduccci, Antonio released
07/08/19 Charlottesville TomSox Fedje-Johnson, Alex activated
07/07/19 Strasburg Express Minter, Drew released
07/07/19 New Market Rebels Parkhurst, Keiji activated
07/07/19 New Market Rebels Fox, Kelyn activated
07/06/19 Front Royal Cardinals Shoupe, Brody released
07/06/19 Front Royal Cardinals Buchanan, Tyler activated
07/06/19 Front Royal Cardinals Nadeau, Mason released
07/06/19 Charlottesville TomSox Glavine, Peyton activated
07/05/19 Covington Lumberjacks Caufield, Tom released
07/05/19 Strasburg Express Vay, Hunter released
07/04/19 Purcellville Cannons Holdredge, TJ activated
07/03/19 Strasburg Express Proto, Nick activated
07/03/19 Harrisonburg Turks Cartt, Hayden released
07/03/19 Charlottesville TomSox Madden, Kevin released
07/03/19 Charlottesville TomSox Zubovich, Michael released
07/03/19 Charlottesville TomSox Sund, Ethan activated
07/03/19 Woodstock River Bandits Vollmer, Cory released
07/03/19 Strasburg Express Coleman, Kyle released
07/02/19 Purcellville Cannons Hayes, Kyle placed on disabled list
07/02/19 Staunton Braves Mateo, Juan released
07/02/19 Staunton Braves Illing, Hunter released
07/02/19 Harrisonburg Turks Ferris, Jacob released
07/02/19 Harrisonburg Turks Reifsnider, Travis released
07/01/19 Staunton Braves Wallington, Eric released
07/01/19 Staunton Braves Smith, Ryan released
06/30/19 Woodstock River Bandits Jablonski, Jacob released
06/30/19 Waynesboro Generals Marzec, Jack activated
06/29/19 Charlottesville TomSox McNamee, Cole traded to Harrisonburg Turks For Player to be named later
06/29/19 Harrisonburg Turks McNamee, Cole acquired in trade from Charlottesville TomSox For Player to be named later
06/29/19 Waynesboro Generals Sapp, Eric placed on disabled list
06/29/19 Waynesboro Generals Peterson, Gunner activated
06/29/19 Waynesboro Generals Blankenship, Zach released
06/28/19 Strasburg Express Coffey, Brian released
06/28/19 Strasburg Express Hurst, Gene released
06/28/19 New Market Rebels Nolan, Nicolas activated
06/28/19 Harrisonburg Turks Koehn, Austin released
06/28/19 Harrisonburg Turks Rust, Andrew released
06/28/19 Harrisonburg Turks Blomquist, Tyler released
06/28/19 Harrisonburg Turks Bergenhagen, Ryan released
06/28/19 Charlottesville TomSox Turley, Cameron released
06/28/19 Strasburg Express Boyle, Nathan activated
06/28/19 Strasburg Express Coleman, Kyle placed on disabled list
06/28/19 Front Royal Cardinals Wright, Amir placed on disabled list
06/28/19 Front Royal Cardinals Leisenring, Levi released
06/27/19 Woodstock River Bandits Germany, Joshua released
06/27/19 Woodstock River Bandits Ackerman, John placed on disabled list
06/27/19 Woodstock River Bandits Light, Nathan released
06/27/19 New Market Rebels Lorenzo, Giovany placed on disabled list
06/27/19 New Market Rebels Lorenzo Jr, Wilson placed on disabled list
06/26/19 Purcellville Cannons Kawano, Ryan released
06/26/19 Waynesboro Generals Edwards, Christian activated
06/26/19 Waynesboro Generals Tyson, Alex released
06/26/19 Woodstock River Bandits Shaffer, Johnatahn released
06/25/19 New Market Rebels Ebo, Blake activated
06/25/19 Purcellville Cannons Borchers, Taylor released
06/25/19 Waynesboro Generals Dearman, Christian activated
06/25/19 Waynesboro Generals Barrett, Stuart released
06/24/19 Front Royal Cardinals Cooper, Matthew activated
06/24/19 Purcellville Cannons Pico, Jarrett activated
06/24/19 Purcellville Cannons Richardson, Walt activated
06/24/19 Strasburg Express Hall, Chase activated
06/24/19 Purcellville Cannons Madole, Nate released
06/24/19 Charlottesville TomSox Kintunde, Oluwasayo (Sayo) released
06/23/19 New Market Rebels Rembert, Brandon placed on disabled list
06/22/19 Front Royal Cardinals Alvarez, Joel released
06/21/19 Front Royal Cardinals Shoupe, Brody activated
06/21/19 Purcellville Cannons Hartley, Garrett activated
06/21/19 Purcellville Cannons Leek, Tyler released
06/21/19 Purcellville Cannons Esposito, Tanner released
06/20/19 Strasburg Express Wright, Austyn released
06/20/19 Charlottesville TomSox Selden, Jacob traded to Staunton Braves
06/20/19 Staunton Braves Selden, Jacob acquired in trade from Charlottesville TomSox
06/20/19 Staunton Braves Blaum, Tyler signed
06/20/19 Charlottesville TomSox Francisco, Thomas activated
06/20/19 Charlottesville TomSox Cooper, Matthew released
06/19/19 Front Royal Cardinals Ahrens, Will placed on disabled list
06/19/19 Front Royal Cardinals McMillion, Brent placed on disabled list
06/19/19 Front Royal Cardinals Dabney, Tre activated
06/19/19 Staunton Braves Mateo, Juan signed
06/19/19 Staunton Braves Hopkins, Collin released
06/18/19 Woodstock River Bandits Walton, Justin placed on disabled list
06/17/19 Strasburg Express Hawkins, Brett activated
06/17/19 Covington Lumberjacks Bash, Brady placed on inactive list
06/17/19 New Market Rebels Hungate, Cade acquired in trade from Charlottesville TomSox
06/17/19 Charlottesville TomSox Hungate, Cade traded to New Market Rebels
06/17/19 Strasburg Express Torres, Adams released
06/16/19 Woodstock River Bandits Marrale, Michael released
06/15/19 Strasburg Express Dunn, Devin activated
06/15/19 Strasburg Express Ray, Scooter released
06/15/19 Waynesboro Generals Norby, Connor activated
06/15/19 Waynesboro Generals Worrell, Bryson activated
06/15/19 Charlottesville TomSox McMullen, Kirby activated
06/15/19 Charlottesville TomSox Greenfield, Calvin (Cal) activated
06/15/19 Charlottesville TomSox Hemenway, Devin activated
06/15/19 Charlottesville TomSox Talley, Jacob released
06/15/19 Charlottesville TomSox Sotres, Gabe released
06/15/19 Charlottesville TomSox Repine, Dallas released
06/14/19 Purcellville Cannons Hernandez, Angel activated
06/14/19 Covington Lumberjacks King, Calyb activated
06/14/19 Purcellville Cannons Reyes, Manny released
06/14/19 Strasburg Express Rathburn, Evan activated
06/14/19 Covington Lumberjacks Davidson, Kristopher placed on inactive list
06/14/19 Strasburg Express Jones, Collin activated
06/14/19 Covington Lumberjacks Giordano, Max activated
06/14/19 Covington Lumberjacks Brutti, Bo placed on inactive list
06/14/19 Staunton Braves Showalter, Justin signed
06/13/19 Woodstock River Bandits Orlando, Noah released
06/13/19 Purcellville Cannons Riopelle, Bradley activated
06/13/19 Purcellville Cannons Wallace, Christopher traded to Woodstock River Bandits Player To Be Named Later
06/13/19 Woodstock River Bandits Wallace, Christopher acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons Player To Be Named Later
06/13/19 Staunton Braves Jackson, Cole released
06/13/19 Waynesboro Generals Dearman, Christian placed on disabled list
06/13/19 Waynesboro Generals Neville, Nick released
06/12/19 Purcellville Cannons Leek, Tyler activated
06/12/19 Purcellville Cannons Lara, Hernhy released
06/12/19 New Market Rebels Castellano, Pedro activated
06/11/19 Covington Lumberjacks Davis, Riley activated
06/11/19 Covington Lumberjacks Vurpillat, Grant activated
06/11/19 Covington Lumberjacks Cicci, Nick activated
06/11/19 Covington Lumberjacks Davidson, Kristopher activated
06/11/19 Purcellville Cannons Kawano, Ryan activated
06/11/19 Purcellville Cannons Mattos, Jakob activated
06/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Edge, Brock activated
06/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Abney, Alaska activated
06/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Coker, Luke activated
06/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Nickles, Michael released
06/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Selden, Jacob placed on disabled list 6/10 left game w/Brusied Heel.
06/11/19 Charlottesville TomSox Woolford, Keegan released
06/10/19 Purcellville Cannons Hyde, Morgan activated
06/10/19 Purcellville Cannons Knowlton, Sam activated
06/09/19 Purcellville Cannons Rodriguez, Richie released
06/09/19 Staunton Braves Paredes, Jaily signed
06/09/19 Staunton Braves Moore, Chet signed
06/09/19 New Market Rebels Johnson, Johnny placed on inactive list
06/09/19 New Market Rebels Harju, Brady placed on disabled list
06/08/19 Charlottesville TomSox McDyre, Daniel (Trey) activated
06/08/19 Staunton Braves Dreier, Kaden released
06/08/19 Purcellville Cannons Wyandt, Jacob released
06/08/19 New Market Rebels Polak, JR released
06/08/19 Waynesboro Generals Kirby, Zach activated
06/08/19 Waynesboro Generals Acosta, Joseph activated
06/07/19 Waynesboro Generals Jackson, Cole traded to Staunton Braves
06/07/19 Staunton Braves Jackson, Cole acquired in trade from Waynesboro Generals
06/07/19 Waynesboro Generals Worley, Logan traded to Staunton Braves
06/07/19 Staunton Braves Worley, Logan acquired in trade from Waynesboro Generals
06/07/19 Purcellville Cannons Sanguinetti, Chase acquired in trade from Charlottesville TomSox
06/07/19 Charlottesville TomSox Sanguinetti, Chase traded to Purcellville Cannons
06/07/19 Charlottesville TomSox Simon, Josh activated
06/07/19 Charlottesville TomSox Hungate, Cade placed on disabled list Needs to been cleared by DR.
06/06/19 Staunton Braves Hopkins, Collin activated
06/06/19 New Market Rebels Pare, LT activated
06/06/19 Waynesboro Generals Burckel, Brad activated
06/06/19 Strasburg Express Torres, Adams activated
06/05/19 Strasburg Express Wright, Eli activated
06/05/19 Strasburg Express Mykut, Alex released
06/05/19 Staunton Braves Pare, L.T. released
06/04/19 Strasburg Express Toney, Nicholas activated
06/04/19 Waynesboro Generals Shuck, Tyler activated
06/03/19 Strasburg Express Coleman, Kyle activated
06/02/19 Staunton Braves Brophy, Colin activated
06/02/19 Waynesboro Generals Mercer, Matthew activated
06/02/19 Waynesboro Generals Murphy, Jack activated
06/01/19 Staunton Braves Brown, Ronald activated
05/31/19 Staunton Braves Rooklin, Kent signed
05/31/19 Covington Lumberjacks Boselli, Domenic activated
05/30/19 Covington Lumberjacks Howard, Gaige placed on inactive list
05/28/19 Covington Lumberjacks West, Zach placed on inactive list
05/28/19 Covington Lumberjacks Nardulli, Nick placed on inactive list
05/26/19 Covington Lumberjacks Mallot, Nate released
05/23/19 Covington Lumberjacks McClain, Nate released
05/23/19 Covington Lumberjacks Fergus, Cade released
05/23/19 Covington Lumberjacks Krennrich, Chris released
05/23/19 Covington Lumberjacks Darnall, Charlie released
05/23/19 Covington Lumberjacks Joseph, Thomas released
05/23/19 Covington Lumberjacks Bowers, Justin released
05/23/19 Covington Lumberjacks Adams, Mason released
11/02/18 Purcellville Cannons Short, Avery acquired in trade from Strasburg Express
11/02/18 Strasburg Express Short, Avery traded to Purcellville Cannons
08/30/18 Strasburg Express Short, Avery acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
08/30/18 Purcellville Cannons Short, Avery traded to Strasburg Express