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Oregon City Mud Turtles - Transactions


05/19/15 Lovato, Damion released
05/19/15 Cooper, Chad released
05/19/15 Cooper, Allen released
05/19/15 Babnick, Blake released
05/19/15 Sumstine, Nick released
05/19/15 St. Kitts, Matthew placed on disabled list
05/19/15 Schenk, Andrew released
05/16/15 Santana, Kenllie released
05/16/15 Rocha, Cody released
05/02/15 Cuckovich, Nic signed
04/23/15 Kinard, Jamall Retired
04/23/15 Agnew-Wieland, Sam signed
04/15/15 Nannini, Michael signed
04/06/15 McKay, Kyle traded to Skagit Valley Lumberjacks for future considerations
03/26/15 McCauley, Joshuaah signed
03/14/15 Ahsing-Kaahanui, Kainoa signed
03/10/15 Fisher, Nick signed
03/07/15 Renault, Nick signed
03/05/15 Moviel, Scott signed
03/03/15 Collesano, Benny signed
02/27/15 Duval, Max signed
02/25/15 St. Kitts, Matthew signed
02/23/15 Santana, Kenllie signed
02/20/15 Rocha, Cody signed
02/17/15 Runyon, Ben signed
02/16/15 Bolt, Garrett signed
02/12/15 Redinger, Kyle signed
02/11/15 Yearout, Jon traded to Grays Harbor Gulls for future considerations
02/09/15 Post, Joe signed
02/07/15 Cardeiro, Manny signed
02/01/15 Davis, Mark signed
01/26/15 Kinard, Jamall signed
01/22/15 Treccia, Dan released
01/19/15 Cheatham, Alan signed
12/17/14 Cooper, Shaun signed
12/15/14 Truex, Clayton signed
12/10/14 Schenk, Andrew signed
11/27/14 Smith, Travis signed
11/13/14 Kandel, Keith signed
11/11/14 Treccia, Dan signed
11/10/14 Lovato, Damion signed
11/02/14 Henk, Thomas signed