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Skagit Valley Lumberjacks - Transactions


05/29/15 Wright, Jacob signed
05/29/15 Bridgman, Cody released
05/26/15 Weinschenk, Scott traded to outside league Vallejo Admirals
05/19/15 Draper, Brett placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/18/15 Goodman, Thomas signed
05/18/15 Robinson, Joe signed
05/18/15 Mitchum, Levi signed
05/18/15 Delzell, Kevin signed
05/18/15 Traxler, Buddy signed
05/18/15 Kam, Adam signed
05/18/15 Nishii, Kenta released
05/18/15 Willig, Cory released
05/18/15 Wright, Jacob released
05/18/15 Smith, Kyle released
05/18/15 Headrick, Derek released
05/18/15 Brunson, Jocquese released
05/18/15 Bridgman, Conner released
05/18/15 Preimesberger , Andrew released
05/18/15 Garrett, Zack released
05/18/15 Parrish, Matt released
05/14/15 Valera, Jackson suspended
05/13/15 Malone, Devin acquired in trade from outside league Washington Wild Things
05/08/15 Brunty, Kameron placed on disabled list
05/06/15 Soto, Will acquired in trade from Ellensburg Bulls
05/06/15 Young, Brandon traded to Ellensburg Bulls
04/29/15 Coffman, Cody acquired in trade from Grays Harbor Gulls
04/29/15 Maldonado, CJ traded to Ellensburg Bulls
04/23/15 Weinschenk, Scott signed
04/23/15 Tarantola, Marc traded to outside league Heartland of American League
04/23/15 Calderon, Yeicok sold to Heartland of American League
04/22/15 Valera, Jackson signed
04/21/15 Tarantola, Marc suspended
04/21/15 Krie, Justin released
04/21/15 Patterson, Wes released
04/13/15 Blackmon, Tim signed
04/07/15 Calderon, Yeicok signed
04/07/15 Perea, Jonathan traded to outside league Niagara Wild (ECBL)
04/07/15 Rodriguez , Christian traded to outside league Niagara Wild (ECBL)
04/06/15 McKay, Kyle acquired in trade from Oregon City Mud Turtles for future considerations
04/04/15 Willig, Cory signed
04/02/15 Llanos, Alex Retired
02/27/15 Kallunki, Goose signed
02/26/15 Williams, Chris traded to outside league Waterloo Whiskey Jacks (ECBL)
02/26/15 Manzo, Clint sold to EVANSVILLE OTTERS (FRONTIER)
02/19/15 Punales , Ernesto Retired
02/18/15 Davis , Kyle sold to Washington Wild Things
01/29/15 Boyle, Brandon traded to Moses Lake Rattlesnakes Future Considerations
01/26/15 Headrick, Derek signed
01/26/15 Wright, Jacob signed
01/15/15 Serritella, Richie signed
01/12/15 Davis , Kyle signed
01/01/15 Parrish, Matt signed
12/30/14 Brunty, Kameron signed
12/23/14 Tarantola, Marc signed
12/18/14 Whitley, Karlyle signed
12/16/14 Burch, Jacob signed
12/13/14 Llanos, Alex signed
12/11/14 Boyle, Brandon signed
12/09/14 Punales , Ernesto signed
12/08/14 Preimesberger , Andrew signed
12/08/14 Patterson, Wes signed
12/05/14 Voigt, Derek traded to Moses Lake Rattlesnakes Future Considerations
12/02/14 Brunson, Jocquese signed
12/02/14 Sells, Ryan signed
11/26/14 Smith, Kyle signed
11/24/14 Underwood, Scott signed
11/24/14 Underwood, Eric signed
11/24/14 Young, Brandon signed
11/22/14 Gurney, Colby signed
11/21/14 McDonald, Marshall signed
11/19/14 Maldonado, CJ signed
11/18/14 H, C signed
11/18/14 Krie, Justin signed
11/18/14 Draper, Brett signed
11/17/14 Garrett, Zack signed
11/12/14 Williams, Chris signed
11/04/14 Perea, Jonathan signed
11/04/14 Rodriguez , Christian signed
11/04/14 Nishii, Kenta signed
10/28/14 Blatnik, Morgan signed