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Quebec - Transactions


10/17/11 Sullivan, Anthony released
09/30/11 Thompson, Michael L. released
09/21/11 Blazynski, Matt released
08/22/11 Gorang, Ben released
08/15/11 Rusch, Matthew sold to Boston Red Sox
08/01/11 Hanley, Pat released
07/23/11 Vallieres, Mathieu released
07/07/11 Young, Kevin released
07/05/11 Barbero, Dan released
06/19/11 Colafemina, Josh released
06/16/11 Vallieres, Mathieu released
06/06/11 St-Gelais, Andy released
06/03/11 Helps, Jeff released
05/31/11 Gomez, Efrain released
04/28/11 Hunt, Jeremy traded to outside league Lancaster (Atlantic League)
04/06/11 McDaid, Derek released
04/06/11 Naccarata, Ivan released
03/29/11 Malkowski, Brendon traded to outside league Southern Illinois (Frontier)
03/28/11 Simard, Michel released
03/28/11 Mimeault-Jodoin, Marc-Olivier released
03/14/11 Albers, Andrew sold to Minnesota Twins
03/02/11 Cate, Troy traded to outside league Calgary (North Amer. League)
02/09/11 Kukucka, James traded to New York in exchange for future consid.
01/17/11 Cros, Anthony released
01/17/11 Schon, Andy released
01/17/11 Boucher, Sebastien sold to
12/21/10 Nunez, Alex A. sold to