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Florence Freedom - Transactions


08/12/19 Owens, Jackson placed on inactive list Inactive
08/09/19 Tripp, Johnathon sold to Cincinnati Reds
08/04/19 Vige, Cameron released
08/02/19 Erwin, Chris released
08/01/19 Williams, Daniel released
07/31/19 Benard, Isaac placed on inactive list Pan-Am Games
07/31/19 Calvert, Reece released
07/31/19 Baker, Patrick released
07/21/19 Hughes, Sean signed
07/21/19 Mortillaro, Joe released
07/20/19 Gibson, Tyler sold to Cincinnati Reds
07/19/19 McKenna, Brian sold to Miami Marlins
07/14/19 Reichenborn, Tyler sold to St. Louis Cardinals
07/12/19 Watkins, Sean placed on inactive list
06/27/19 Valentino, Frank sold to New York Mets
06/18/19 LaRossa, John released
06/13/19 Anderson, Tommy released
06/11/19 McCune, Alex released
06/11/19 Hill, Ryan released
06/01/19 Owens, Jackson released
05/22/19 Reid, Jonny released
05/22/19 Gleese, Eric released
05/07/19 Williams, Daniel released
05/07/19 Korson, Evan traded to outside league
05/07/19 Hill, Ryan released
05/07/19 Anderson, Marty released
05/06/19 Tennie, Rodney released
05/06/19 Pugh, Brandon released
05/06/19 Lee, Carson released
05/06/19 Voyles, Ed released
05/06/19 McCune, Alex released
05/05/19 Rinsky, Ryan released
05/05/19 Derke, Graylin released
05/05/19 Yorgen, Peter released
05/05/19 McDowell, Cutter released
05/05/19 Marchant, Austin released
04/30/19 Heck, Jimmy released
04/30/19 Lancaster, Tyler released
04/25/19 Ehret, Jake released