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Evansville Otters - Transactions


12/13/13 Black, Taylor released
12/13/13 Collazo, Anthony sold to
12/12/13 Henry, C.J. released
12/12/13 Martinez, Frank released
12/12/13 Marino, Steve released
12/12/13 Massingham, Eric released
11/21/13 Weismann, Scott traded to outside league
11/21/13 Nester, John traded to outside league
11/19/13 Lee, Gary acquired in trade from Washington Wild Things Laredo Lemurs
10/25/13 Kresky, Ryan traded to Washington Wild Things to complete previous trade
10/25/13 Zamorsky, Ryan traded to Washington Wild Things to complete previous trade
09/01/13 Schwaner, Nick traded to outside league to Southern Maryland for PTBNL
08/25/13 Higley, J.R. activated
08/18/13 Maxwell, Jimmy released
08/13/13 Collazo, Anthony acquired in trade from Washington Wild Things
08/07/13 Elder, Chris signed
08/07/13 Higley, J.R. placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/04/13 Velez, Jose activated
08/04/13 Hepple, Mike released
08/04/13 Cuevas, Caleb released
08/03/13 Santos, Orlando acquired in trade from Washington Wild Things
08/03/13 Ramer, Robert signed
07/31/13 Solomeno, Joe signed
07/31/13 Maxwell, Jimmy signed
07/31/13 Monar, Blake placed on disabled list (minimum 60 days)
07/31/13 Henry, C.J. placed on disabled list (minimum 60 days)
07/29/13 Tripp, Jordan released
07/25/13 Hepple, Mike signed
07/24/13 Monar, Blake signed
07/24/13 Velez, Jose placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/24/13 Cuevas, Caleb activated
07/24/13 Hawkins, Rich released
07/24/13 Kowalchuk, Christian released
07/22/13 Morrow, Bryce sold to San Diego Padres
07/19/13 Mott, Evan signed
07/12/13 Kowalchuk, Christian signed
07/12/13 Joseph, Josh Retired
07/11/13 Adkins, Brandon released
07/10/13 Erie, Brian signed
07/09/13 Tripp, Jordan signed
07/08/13 Velez, Jose signed
07/07/13 Munoz, Chris released
07/07/13 Mahoney, Sam released
07/07/13 Crim, Matt released
07/06/13 Ridenhour, Jason released
07/06/13 Goelz, Pat released
07/06/13 Hanley, Mike signed
07/05/13 Lizcano, Ricardo acquired in trade from Lake Erie Crushers player to be named later
07/02/13 Saranthus, Coty traded to Frontier Greys PTBNL
06/22/13 Higley, J.R. signed
06/20/13 Clark, Andrew sold to New York Yankees
06/20/13 Wormington, Kyle released
06/20/13 Cuevas, Caleb activated
06/19/13 Gibson, Ryan signed
06/19/13 Williams, Deaun released
06/19/13 Crider, Patrick released
06/19/13 Munoz, Chris signed
06/13/13 Goelz, Pat signed
06/13/13 Willinsky, Mark released
06/09/13 Wormington, Kyle signed
06/09/13 Sunderland, Alex released
05/31/13 Uribe, Luis released
05/31/13 Hawkins, Rich signed
05/30/13 Uribe, Luis released
05/29/13 Dolan, Patrick released
05/29/13 Sunderland, Alex signed
05/26/13 Bowen, Ricky released
05/26/13 Bowen, Ricky activated
05/26/13 Little, Matt released
05/24/13 Quiles, Obed released
05/22/13 Clark, Andrew sold to Chicago White Sox Organization
05/15/13 Bowen, Ricky placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/15/13 Quiles, Obed placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/14/13 Monar, Blake released
05/14/13 Bullock, Garrett released
05/12/13 Willinsky, Mark suspended
05/12/13 Motta, Chris released
05/12/13 Pelzer, Wynn released
05/11/13 Parache, Luis traded to Frontier Greys PTBNL
05/11/13 Gonzalez, Eduardo released
05/11/13 Davis, Runey released
05/11/13 Kubiak, David released