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Normal CornBelters - Transactions


08/12/10 Bralver, Steve released
08/05/10 Brown, Chris Retired
08/03/10 Amar, Adam released
08/03/10 Millan Jr., Elvin released
07/23/10 Kreier, Kevin released
07/21/10 Amar, Adam acquired in trade from Washington Wild Things
07/19/10 Kmiecik, Kellen released
07/19/10 Brown, Eric released
07/18/10 Bennet, Chris traded to Washington Wild Things
07/16/10 Lavigne, Tyler sold to
07/09/10 Garcia, Mike released
07/09/10 Alvarado, Andre released
07/08/10 Hughes, Mike released
07/08/10 Severino, Adan released
06/28/10 Laurent, Phil released
06/28/10 Bass, Garret released
06/28/10 Hicks, Joe suspended
06/28/10 Raburn, Steve suspended
06/27/10 Marcum, Kyffin released
06/18/10 Smith, Alex Retired
06/16/10 Coker, Jarret released