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Gateway Grizzlies - Transactions


08/23/14 Hernandez, Landon Retired
08/16/14 Cropper, Daniel acquired in trade from Windy City ThunderBolts
08/16/14 Newcomb , Aaron released
08/11/14 Macklin, Xavier released
08/09/14 Buckley, Tyler released
08/09/14 Houston, John released
07/24/14 Vasquez, Niko traded to Southern Illinois Miners for a PTBNL
07/13/14 Reamy, Phillip released
07/13/14 Arneson, Zach traded to outside league Amarillo (American Assoc.)
06/25/14 Sells, Ryan released
06/25/14 Backlund, Nick released
06/24/14 Baker, Aaron sold to Philadelphia Phillies
06/21/14 Johnson, Jonathan sold to New York Mets
06/19/14 Massi, Michael sold to St. Louis Cardinals
06/17/14 Stephens, Jake released
06/13/14 Shepherd, Blake released
06/09/14 Van Zant, Oliver released
06/05/14 Molina, Gabriel released
05/30/14 Faulkner, Michael released
05/26/14 Higginbotham, Brett Retired
05/14/14 Erasmus, Justin released
05/14/14 Van Zant, Oliver released
05/14/14 Browder, Kolt released
05/11/14 Loehrs, Colt released
05/11/14 McWilliams, Seth released
05/11/14 Walker, Glenn released
05/11/14 Ridge, Hunter released
05/11/14 Dorsey, Whitt released
05/11/14 Sergey, Matt released
05/11/14 Stiles, Cody released
05/11/14 Williams, Brett released
05/11/14 Liedka, Jacob released
05/11/14 Bos, Alex released
04/07/14 Bryson, Drew released
03/06/14 DeJesus, Antone traded to outside league Rockland (Can-Am)
02/13/14 McClendon, Chris traded to outside league Long Island Ducks
01/29/14 Chavez, Dylan sold to Chicago White Sox
01/21/14 Brown, Tim traded to outside league Wichita Wingnuts
01/14/14 Guthrie, Alex Retired
01/14/14 Treece, Zac traded to Joliet Slammers Completing a previous trade
01/14/14 Myers, Jon released