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St Paul - Transactions


09/26/11 Mays, Steve released
09/26/11 Mercado, Richard released
09/26/11 Hammes, Nate released
09/23/11 Eggleston, Aharon released
09/16/11 Patterson, Ryan released
09/16/11 English, Jesse released
09/16/11 DePaula, Julio released
09/13/11 Walker, Tyler traded to outside league Long Island (Atlantic League)
08/27/11 Van Every, Jonathan traded to outside league Brockton (Can-Am League)
08/25/11 Walker, Edwin released
08/23/11 Krause, Brent released
08/22/11 Blunt, Donald traded to Fargo-Moorhead
08/22/11 Krause, Jake acquired in trade from Fargo-Moorhead
08/19/11 Long, Matt S. released
08/19/11 Costa, Shane signed
08/19/11 Burrus, Josh released
08/19/11 Thielbar, Caleb sold to Minnesota Twins
08/17/11 Patterson, Ryan acquired in trade from Fort Worth
08/16/11 Nunez, Argelis placed on inactive list
08/14/11 Blunt, Donald signed
08/12/11 Snyder, Justin traded to Kansas City
08/12/11 Hammes, Nate signed
08/12/11 Snyder, Justin acquired in trade from Kansas City
08/12/11 Eggleston, Aharon acquired in trade from Kansas City
08/11/11 Edwards, Kris released
08/11/11 Edwards, Kris released
08/10/11 Schmidt , Jacob activated
08/09/11 Costa, Shane released
08/05/11 Blunt, Donald released
08/05/11 Walker, Tyler signed
08/01/11 English, Jesse signed
07/29/11 Manuel, Robert traded to Fort Worth
07/26/11 Costa, Shane activated
07/22/11 Nunez, Argelis signed
07/18/11 Tripp, Brandon sold to Philadelphia Phillies
07/17/11 Snyder, Justin signed
07/15/11 Krause, Brent placed on inactive list
07/14/11 Krause, Jake released
07/12/11 Schmidt , Jacob placed on disabled list
07/12/11 Krause, Brent signed
07/11/11 Costa, Shane placed on inactive list
07/11/11 Edwards, Kris signed
07/05/11 Snyder, Justin released
06/21/11 Swift, Dylan released
06/21/11 Garabedian, Alex signed
06/20/11 Coe, Robert signed
06/20/11 Cordero, Chad released
06/16/11 Howell, Jeff released
06/16/11 Sheldon , Ole activated
06/16/11 Swift, Dylan signed
06/12/11 Costa, Shane activated
06/09/11 Thompson, Kevin released
06/05/11 Quijano, Alain released
06/03/11 Zaleski, Kyle released
05/10/11 Dott, Aaron released
05/10/11 Carr, Kyle claimed off waivers from Fargo-Moorhead
05/10/11 Peterson , Zach released
04/20/11 Godin , Jason released
04/20/11 Flores, Ruben traded to outside league Lake Erie (Frontier League)
04/06/11 Delgado, Mario released
04/06/11 Errecart, Christopher released
04/06/11 Alley , Josh released
01/17/11 Delgado, Mario acquired in trade from outside league New Jersey (Can-Am League)
01/17/11 Binick, Kraig traded to outside league New Jersey (Can-Am League)
12/13/10 Sanchez, Kris traded to outside league New Jersey (Can-Am League)