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St. George Roadrunners - Transactions


08/30/10 Obal, Kyle released
08/16/10 Dickert, Reed released
08/16/10 Calderon, Henry released
08/16/10 Acey, Jermy released
08/16/10 Shoup, Nick released
08/16/10 Rossignol, Matt released
08/16/10 Obispo, Jose released
08/16/10 Holliday, Brian released
08/16/10 Dutton, Jon released
08/16/10 Arnold, Mitch released
08/16/10 Buttler, Victor released
08/16/10 Spears, Nick released
08/16/10 Dellaero, Jason released
08/16/10 Lang, C.J. released
08/16/10 Almario, Yosvany released
08/16/10 Ramirez, David released
08/16/10 Raisbeck, Casey released
08/16/10 Flowers, Brett released
08/16/10 Clement, Scott released
08/10/10 Mansfield, Monte released
08/10/10 Naegele, Rob released
07/31/10 Diaz, Raymar placed on inactive list
07/31/10 Tiffany, Chuck signed
07/30/10 Boggio, Kyle released
07/30/10 Shoup, Nick signed
07/28/10 Dellaero, Jason signed
07/28/10 Wade, Travis placed on inactive list
07/28/10 Ramirez, David activated
07/27/10 Brito, Eude placed on inactive list
07/24/10 Fortunato, Bartolome released
07/23/10 Wade, Travis activated
07/23/10 Fortunato, Bartolome placed on inactive list
07/21/10 Dickerson, Joe released
07/20/10 Ramirez, David placed on inactive list (concussion)
07/20/10 Spears, Nick signed
07/19/10 Fortunato, Bartolome activated
07/15/10 Dickerson, Joe signed
07/15/10 Sosa, Carlos released
07/09/10 Holliday, Brian activated
07/09/10 Farina, Pete released
07/05/10 Yan, Ruddy released
07/01/10 Yan, Ruddy placed on inactive list
06/30/10 Weatherby, Charlie released
06/30/10 Obispo, Jose signed
06/28/10 Fitzgerald, Nick signed
06/11/10 Krause, Billy released
06/11/10 Bodenchuk, Matt released
06/11/10 Dutton, Jon activated
06/11/10 Dixon, D.J. placed on inactive list
06/08/10 Krause, Billy placed on inactive list
06/08/10 Dutton, Jon placed on inactive list
06/07/10 Sosa, Carlos activated
06/07/10 Yan, Ruddy activated
06/07/10 Brito, Eude activated
06/01/10 Bodenchuk, Matt placed on inactive list
05/28/10 Fortunato, Bartolome placed on inactive list
05/28/10 Brito, Eude placed on inactive list