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Edmonton Capitals - Transactions


08/14/10 Rose, Mike acquired in trade from Chico Outlaws
08/14/10 Ibanez, Yosandy traded to Chico Outlaws
08/09/10 Bowers, Brent released
07/28/10 Scriven, Eric claimed off waivers from Yuma Scorpions
07/28/10 Oster, Jesse placed on inactive list
07/15/10 Nageotte, Clinton released
07/15/10 Arreola, Daryl claimed off waivers from Yuma Scorpions
06/29/10 Prieto, Alex acquired in trade from Yuma Scorpions
06/25/10 Prieto, Alex acquired in trade from Chico Outlaws
06/25/10 Oster, Jesse acquired in trade from Chico Outlaws
06/25/10 McNamee, Eric released
06/25/10 McNamee, Eric released
06/25/10 Farina, Pete released
06/25/10 Cortes, Jorge released
06/25/10 Arneson, Jamie released
06/08/10 Stevenson, Ryan acquired in trade from Maui Na Koa Ikaika Tim Battle
06/08/10 Carrasco, Armando released
06/08/10 Carrasco, Armando released
06/08/10 Battle, Tim traded to Maui Na Koa Ikaika Ryan Stevenson
05/31/10 Valdez, Ricky released
05/27/10 Coffman, Broc suspended for 90 games
05/27/10 Arballo, Julian traded to Chico Outlaws Evan White
05/18/10 Saldana, Pedro released
05/18/10 Davidson, Trevor released
05/18/10 Arneson, Jamie released
05/18/10 Facer, Tristan released
05/18/10 Martinez, Luis released
05/18/10 Spurgeon, Steve released
04/22/10 Morban, Jose placed on inactive list
04/12/10 Strandlund, Charlie traded to Victoria Seals
04/12/10 , traded to Victoria Seals
03/30/10 Davidson, Trevor signed Trevor Davidson
03/30/10 Bigbie, Larry signed Larry Bigbie
03/30/10 Battle, Tim signed Tim Battle
03/30/10 Rogelstad, Matt signed Matt Rogelstad
03/30/10 McNamee, Eric signed Eric McNamee
03/30/10 Grable III, A.C. signed A.C. Grable III
03/30/10 Collaro, Tom signed Tom Collaro
03/30/10 Chavez, Alex signed Alex Chavez
03/30/10 Tarnow, Josh signed Josh Tarnow
03/30/10 Saldana, Pedro signed Pedro Saldana
03/30/10 Farina, Pete signed Pete Farina
03/30/10 Spurgeon, Steve signed Steve Spurgeon
03/30/10 Paul, Ryan signed Ryan Paul
03/30/10 Martinez, Luis signed Luis Martinez
03/30/10 Kelly, Scott signed Scott Kelly
03/30/10 Hrynio, Mike signed Mike Hyrino
03/30/10 Francisco, Alexander signed Alexander Francisco
03/30/10 Facer, Tristan signed Tristan Facer
03/30/10 , signed Jeff Duda
03/30/10 Blackwell, Chad signed Chad Blackwell
03/30/10 Strandlund, Charlie signed Bryan Banes
03/30/10 Arballo, Julian signed Julian Arballo
03/30/10 Arneson, Jamie signed Jamie Anderson
03/30/10 Cortes, Jorge signed Jorge Cortes
03/30/10 Morban, Jose signed Jose Morban
03/30/10 Little, Chris signed