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Vallejo Admirals - Transactions


08/15/18 Anthony, Mike signed
08/15/18 Derke, Graylin signed
08/15/18 Pope, Michael released
08/15/18 Biedrzycki, Max released
08/13/18 Cascone, Cage reinstated to active list
08/12/18 Holmes, Tim released
08/10/18 Fishberg, Alex released
08/08/18 Herrera, Edgar signed
08/07/18 Figueroa, Cyle traded to outside league to Ottawa Champions
08/07/18 Fairchild, Lance signed
08/06/18 Cascone, Cage placed on inactive list
08/06/18 Aleton, Wilfri signed
08/06/18 Diaz, Daniel signed
08/05/18 Dandridge, Alex released
08/03/18 Pope, Michael signed
08/02/18 Pugh, Brandon released
08/02/18 Fishberg, Alex placed on inactive list
07/25/18 Owens, Ryan released
07/25/18 Cronin, Martin released
07/25/18 Ramirez, Luis released
07/25/18 Biedrzycki, Max signed
07/19/18 McKenna, Brian signed
07/19/18 Cronin, Martin placed on inactive list
07/18/18 Cruz, Amilcar signed
07/18/18 Ramirez, Luis placed on inactive list
07/09/18 Pugh, Brandon signed
07/09/18 Pugh, Tillman released
07/09/18 Myles, Harold released
07/06/18 Crouse, Nick signed
07/04/18 Dandridge, Alex signed
07/04/18 Clarke, Chevy signed
07/03/18 Myles, Harold reinstated to active list
07/03/18 Blanke, Mike released
07/03/18 Bernardi, Dalton placed on inactive list
06/30/18 Derke, Graylin traded to outside league to Wichita Wingnuts
06/29/18 de la Rosa, Simon released
06/28/18 Cooper, Ryan traded to Napa Silverados
06/26/18 Pugh, Tillman signed
06/26/18 Cooper, Ryan placed on inactive list
06/26/18 Pope, Michael placed on inactive list
06/25/18 Myles, Harold released
06/25/18 Mordecai, Ryan released
06/22/18 de la Rosa, Simon placed on inactive list
06/22/18 Garcia, Eli reinstated to active list
06/21/18 Garcia, Eli signed
06/21/18 Blanke, Mike signed
06/18/18 Garcia, Eli released
06/18/18 Faria, Julian released
06/18/18 Fishberg, Alex signed
06/18/18 Holmes, Tim signed
06/18/18 Myles, Harold placed on inactive list
06/18/18 Mordecai, Ryan placed on inactive list
06/12/18 Cooper, Ryan signed
06/12/18 Faria, Julian placed on inactive list
06/11/18 Garcia, Eli placed on inactive list
06/11/18 Adheen, Brent released
06/11/18 de la Rosa, Simon signed
06/08/18 Pugh, Tillman released
06/07/18 Adheen, Brent placed on inactive list
06/07/18 Garcia, Eli signed
06/05/18 Weber, Grayson traded to Martinez Clippers
06/04/18 Ramirez, Luis signed
05/29/18 Miller Sr., Jalen signed
05/29/18 Cronin, Martin signed
05/29/18 Pugh, Tillman signed
05/27/18 Bernardi, Dalton signed
05/27/18 Weber, Grayson signed
05/27/18 Kiriakos, David signed
05/27/18 Kiniry, Rian signed
05/27/18 Gomez, Vladimir signed
05/27/18 Fischer, Brandon signed
05/27/18 Figueroa, Cyle signed
05/27/18 Derke, Graylin signed
05/27/18 Akins Sr., Nick signed
05/27/18 Reyes, Peter signed
05/27/18 Adheen, Brent signed
05/17/18 Fornaci, Chris signed
03/01/18 Phillips, PJ signed