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Vallejo Admirals - Transactions


08/19/16 Gomez, Vladimir released
08/15/16 Wynn, David signed
08/15/16 Petit, Wilfredo released
08/13/16 Gomez, Vladimir signed
08/12/16 Rubalcava, Andrew signed
08/10/16 Ferreras, Luis released
08/10/16 Santana, Roberto signed
08/10/16 Rivera, Jey released
07/31/16 Sanchez, Emmanuel released
07/28/16 Mendoza, Mario signed
07/28/16 Rivera, Julio released
07/26/16 Ortiz, Hector released
07/08/16 Brown, Robert signed
07/05/16 Natov, Michael granted free agency
07/02/16 Brill, Aaron signed
07/02/16 Pinales, Carlos granted free agency
07/02/16 Valera, Jackson granted free agency
07/02/16 Samuels, Mike released
07/02/16 Wallace, Tim released
07/02/16 Jackson, Lonnie released
07/02/16 Brusstar, Warren released
07/01/16 Navarro, Raul traded to outside league Summerset Patriots
06/22/16 Evans, Josh signed
06/20/16 Holmes, Tim granted free agency
06/20/16 Brechbuehler, Tim released
06/16/16 Almonte, Joel released
06/16/16 Hicks, Joseph signed
06/16/16 Kline, Eric released
06/07/16 Phillips Jr., Derrick released
06/07/16 Kovanda, Pete released
06/07/16 Hertzmann, Justin signed
06/04/16 Seise, Anthony released
06/03/16 Pederson, Tyger released
05/30/16 Phillips, PJ placed on inactive list
05/29/16 Valera, Jackson reinstated to active list
05/29/16 Silva, Alian placed on inactive list
05/29/16 Moseby, Lydell placed on inactive list
05/29/16 Pederson, Tyger signed
05/27/16 Kline, Eric signed
05/27/16 Dinelli, David signed
05/27/16 Sandford, Darian signed
05/27/16 Phillips, PJ signed
05/27/16 Moseby, Lydell signed
05/27/16 Baez, Gadiel signed
05/27/16 Williams, Tim signed