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York Revolution - Transactions


09/20/14 Martinez, Jorge activated
09/20/14 Gorgen, Scott placed on inactive list
09/15/14 Gorgen, Scott activated
09/15/14 Martinez, Jorge placed on inactive list
09/13/14 Martinez, Jorge activated
09/13/14 Gorgen, Scott placed on inactive list
09/12/14 Gomez, Ricardo activated
09/12/14 Miller, Greg released
09/10/14 Williamson, Logan activated
09/10/14 Cortes, Dan released
09/09/14 Thurman, Corey activated
09/09/14 Martinez, Jorge placed on inactive list
09/05/14 DeMark, Mike signed
09/05/14 Williamson, Logan placed on inactive list
09/05/14 Harris, Joe signed
09/05/14 Harris, Joe acquired in trade from outside league
09/05/14 Thurman, Corey placed on inactive list
08/31/14 Paniagua, Salvador activated
08/31/14 Gomez, Ricardo placed on inactive list
08/30/14 Gomez, Ricardo signed
08/30/14 Penney, Stephen placed on inactive list
08/29/14 Limonta, Johan activated
08/29/14 Sulcoski, Steve released
08/24/14 DeSalvo, Matt released
08/24/14 Penney, Stephen activated
08/23/14 Luna, Omar signed
08/23/14 DeSalvo, Matt signed
08/23/14 Penney, Stephen placed on inactive list
08/19/14 Miller, Greg signed
08/18/14 Castro, Ofilio placed on inactive list
08/16/14 Lewis, Rommie sold to EDA Rhinos (Taiwan)
08/05/14 Sulcoski, Steve signed
08/05/14 DeLeon, Sandy released
08/02/14 Flores, Angel signed
08/01/14 Cortes, Dan signed
07/31/14 DeLeon, Sandy signed
07/31/14 Paniagua, Salvador placed on inactive list
07/23/14 Wuertz, Michael placed on inactive list
07/18/14 Battle, Tim signed
07/18/14 Repko, Jason placed on inactive list
07/12/14 Limonta, Johan sold to Campeche (Mexican League)
07/06/14 Chaves, Brandon traded to Camden Riversharks
07/06/14 Nelson, Bryant acquired in trade from Camden Riversharks For Brandon Chaves
06/28/14 Morgado, Bryan signed
06/26/14 DePaula, Julio sold to Baltimore Orioles
06/26/14 Cody, Chris sold to Brother Elephants (Taiwan)
06/26/14 Gorgen, Scott signed
06/20/14 Vaughan, Beau activated
06/17/14 Hedrick, Shawn released
06/16/14 Hedrick, Shawn signed
06/16/14 Vaughan, Beau placed on inactive list
06/11/14 Neil, Matt placed on inactive list
06/11/14 Williamson, Logan signed
06/09/14 Thurman, Corey activated
06/09/14 Yan, Ruddy released
06/02/14 Chaves, Brandon activated
06/02/14 Thurman, Corey placed on inactive list
05/28/14 McClendon, Mike sold to Colorado Rockies
05/26/14 Torres, Tim placed on inactive list
05/25/14 Bumbry, Steve released
05/24/14 Neil, Matt signed
05/24/14 Repko, Jason signed
05/24/14 Chaves, Brandon placed on inactive list
05/24/14 Smith, Stantrel released
05/23/14 Greene, Justin signed
05/20/14 Lerew, Anthony sold to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
05/19/14 Bumbry, Steve placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/19/14 Smith, Stantrel signed
04/23/14 Spottiswood, Billy released
04/23/14 Roemer, Wes released
04/23/14 DePaula, Julio signed
04/13/14 Massaro, Mike placed on inactive list
04/13/14 Neil, Matt placed on inactive list - Rights acquired by Tampa Bay
04/11/14 Bumbry, Steve signed
04/11/14 Neil, Matt signed
04/11/14 McClendon, Mike signed
04/11/14 Lerew, Anthony signed
04/04/14 Tracy, Chad signed
04/04/14 Penney, Stephen signed
04/04/14 Martinez, Jorge signed
03/29/14 Hendrickson, Mark signed
03/28/14 Torres, Tim signed
03/28/14 Patterson, Eric signed
03/28/14 Lewis, Rommie signed
03/23/14 Hill, Shawn placed on inactive list - Rights acquired by Toronto
03/21/14 Chaves, Brandon signed
03/21/14 Garcia, Travis signed
03/21/14 Wuertz, Michael signed
03/21/14 Hill, Shawn signed
03/14/14 Durham, Ian signed
03/14/14 Cody, Chris signed
03/07/14 Roemer, Wes signed
03/07/14 Espinosa, Alberto signed
03/07/14 Limonta, Johan signed
02/21/14 Massaro, Mike signed
02/21/14 Valdez, Wilson signed
02/14/14 Smith, Sean signed
02/14/14 Vaughan, Beau signed
02/07/14 Quijano, Alain signed
02/07/14 Paredes, Edward signed
02/07/14 Yan, Ruddy signed
01/31/14 Spottiswood, Billy signed
01/31/14 Castro, Ofilio signed
01/31/14 Paniagua, Salvador signed
01/29/14 Thurman, Corey signed