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York Revolution - Transactions


09/04/13 Claggett, Anthony acquired in trade from outside league (St. Paul, American Assoc.)
08/28/13 Lewis, Rommie sold to Lamigo Monkeys (Taiwan)
08/19/13 Rincon, Juan placed on inactive list
08/19/13 Savage, Will acquired in trade from Lancaster Barnstormers
08/11/13 Tomko, Brett placed on inactive list
08/09/13 Vaughan, Beau signed
08/08/13 Green, Nick sold to EDA Rhinos (Taiwan)
08/04/13 Castro, Ofilio activated
08/04/13 Marte, Andy sold to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
08/01/13 Paredes, Edward activated
08/01/13 Torres, Joe released
07/29/13 Neil, Charlie signed
07/29/13 Teufel, Shawn placed on inactive list (retired)
07/28/13 Green, Nick activated
07/28/13 Castro, Ofilio placed on inactive list
07/26/13 Segovia, Zack signed
07/25/13 Johnson, Cody released
07/25/13 Zagone, Rick released
07/25/13 Castro, Ofilio signed
07/23/13 Zagone, Rick activated
07/23/13 Green, Nick placed on inactive list
07/22/13 Hernandez, Michael signed
07/22/13 Paredes, Edward placed on inactive list
07/20/13 Zagone, Rick placed on inactive list
07/20/13 Tomko, Brett activated
07/18/13 Regas, Kris released
07/16/13 Zagone, Rick activated
07/16/13 Tomko, Brett placed on inactive list
07/12/13 Tracy, Chad signed
07/12/13 Spencer, Matt signed
07/12/13 Kirkland, Kody signed
07/12/13 Slama, Anthony activated
07/12/13 Patterson, Eric sold to Milwaukee Brewers
07/12/13 Zagone, Rick placed on inactive list
07/07/13 Mayorson, Manny released
07/07/13 Shanks, James released
07/06/13 Slama, Anthony signed
07/05/13 Shanks, James activated
07/05/13 DeLeon, Sandy placed on inactive list
07/02/13 Teufel, Shawn activated
07/02/13 Majewski, Val placed on inactive list
06/30/13 DeLeon, Sandy activated
06/30/13 Teufel, Shawn placed on inactive list
06/28/13 Majewski, Val signed
06/28/13 Shanks, James placed on inactive list
06/20/13 Green, Nick activated
06/20/13 Regas, Kris placed on inactive list
06/18/13 Teahen, Mark signed
06/18/13 Fiorentino, Jeff placed on inactive list
06/07/13 Tomko, Brett activated
06/07/13 Green, Nick sold to Yucatan (Mexico)
06/05/13 Shanks, James activated
06/05/13 Burgamy, Brian sold to Campeche (Mexico)
06/01/13 Zagone, Rick signed
06/01/13 Tomko, Brett placed on inactive list
06/01/13 Shanks, James placed on inactive list
06/01/13 McPherson, Dallas placed on inactive list
05/29/13 McPherson, Dallas signed
05/27/13 Coles, Mike released
05/25/13 Mayorson, Manny signed
05/23/13 Graham, Tyler released
05/20/13 Johnson, Cody signed
05/18/13 Coles, Mike signed
05/17/13 Paredes, Edward signed
05/14/13 Fox, Matt sold to New York Mets
05/13/13 Gonzalez, Andy placed on inactive list
05/13/13 Repko, Jason placed on inactive list
05/11/13 Shanks, James signed
05/08/13 Pease, Dustin placed on inactive list
05/08/13 Yan, Ruddy signed
05/08/13 Liriano, Pedro activated
05/07/13 Limonta, Johan sold to San Diego Padres
05/02/13 Judy, Josh sold to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
04/30/13 DeLeon, Sandy released
04/30/13 Regas, Kris activated
04/27/13 DeLeon, Sandy signed
04/27/13 Regas, Kris placed on inactive list
04/24/13 Lewis, Rommie signed
04/20/13 Pease, Dustin signed
04/10/13 Gonzalez, Andy signed
03/29/13 Patterson, Eric signed
03/29/13 Wuertz, Michael signed
03/25/13 Torres, Joe signed
03/25/13 DePaula, Julio signed
03/22/13 Batista, Wilson signed
03/22/13 Tomko, Brett signed
03/15/13 Green, Nick signed
03/15/13 Rincon, Juan signed
03/15/13 Burgamy, Brian signed
03/08/13 Penney, Stephen signed
03/08/13 Repko, Jason signed
03/01/13 Judy, Josh signed
03/01/13 Limonta, Johan signed
02/22/13 Fox, Matt signed
02/22/13 Fiorentino, Jeff signed
02/15/13 Thurman, Corey signed
02/15/13 Graham, Tyler signed
02/08/13 Perez, Andres signed
02/08/13 Teufel, Shawn signed
01/30/13 Paniagua, Salvador signed
01/30/13 Novoa, Yunior signed
01/30/13 Regas, Kris signed
01/24/13 Marte, Andy signed
01/24/13 Cody, Chris signed