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York Revolution - Transactions


09/11/12 Benacka, Mike activated
09/11/12 Benacka, Mike acquired in trade from outside league
09/04/12 Espinosa, David acquired in trade from outside league
08/10/12 Limonta, Johan activated
08/10/12 Shanks, James released
07/31/12 Rodriguez, R.J. activated
07/29/12 Houser, James released
07/28/12 Javier, Omar released
07/26/12 Gonzalez, Danny traded to Lancaster Barnstormers
07/26/12 Hernandez, Michael reinstated to active list
07/26/12 Feierabend, Ryan activated
07/26/12 Garate, Victor released
07/19/12 Garate, Victor activated
07/19/12 Haveman, Brandon reinstated to active list
07/18/12 Chico, Matt released
07/18/12 Garcia, Dumas released
07/18/12 Gordon, Derrick activated
07/18/12 Haines, Kyle released
07/17/12 Gordon, Derrick acquired in trade from Sugar Land Skeeters
07/13/12 Haveman, Brandon placed on inactive list
07/02/12 Kiniry, Rian traded to Somerset Patriots
07/02/12 Nowak, Chris activated
07/02/12 Nowak, Chris activated
06/29/12 Haines, Kyle activated
06/20/12 Korpi, Wade activated
06/18/12 Chico, Matt activated
06/13/12 Waters, Chris activated
06/11/12 Sanchez, Jesus released
06/09/12 Garceau, Shaun released
06/09/12 Gomez, Ricardo activated
06/05/12 Regas, Kris activated
06/05/12 Garceau, Shaun reinstated to active list
05/24/12 Douglas, Stephen acquired in trade from outside league Laredo Lemurs of the Am Assoc
05/22/12 Spiers, Joe traded to outside league Lincoln Saltdogs for a ptbnl
05/22/12 Wells, Andy activated
05/22/12 Kielty, Bobby activated
05/07/12 Luis, Santo released
05/05/12 Garceau, Shaun placed on inactive list
05/05/12 Hill, Shawn activated
05/04/12 Gomez, Ricardo placed on inactive list
05/04/12 Garcia, Dumas activated