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Bridgeport Bluefish - Transactions


09/13/10 Smith, Matt acquired in trade from Newark Bears
09/12/10 Alfonseca, Antonio reinstated to active list
09/09/10 Roberson, Colin reinstated to active list
09/08/10 Porzio, Mike activated
09/08/10 Perez, Jorge placed on inactive list
08/27/10 Mercedes, Victor activated
08/23/10 Serafini, Dan placed on inactive list
08/23/10 Fortunato, Bartolome activated
08/20/10 Rivera, Chris reinstated to active list
08/17/10 Rivera, Chris placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/17/10 Yan, Esteban reinstated to active list
08/10/10 Pennino, Tom acquired in trade from Newark Bears
07/24/10 Redman, Tike reinstated to active list
07/20/10 Pena, Wily Mo sold to
07/19/10 Oseguera, Paul reinstated to active list
07/19/10 Jimerson, Charlton sold to
07/08/10 Saladin, Miguel activated
07/08/10 Kaiser, Marc released
07/01/10 Jennings, Todd traded to Newark Bears
07/01/10 Arroyo, Luis reinstated to active list
06/28/10 Bresnahan, Pat activated
06/25/10 Jackson, Kyle traded to Long Island Ducks
06/25/10 Serafini, Dan signed
06/21/10 Barton, Brian traded to Newark Bears
06/17/10 Gonzalez, Luis activated
06/17/10 Arroyo, Luis placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/15/10 Rodriguez, Victor traded to Newark Bears
06/15/10 Phelps, Josh reinstated to active list
06/04/10 Arroyo, Luis signed
06/04/10 Shuckerow, Riley released
06/02/10 Rodriguez, Victor activated
06/02/10 DuBose, Eric released
05/29/10 Pena, Wily Mo activated
05/22/10 DuBose, Eric activated
05/14/10 Jimerson, Charlton activated
05/07/10 Redman, Tike placed on inactive list
04/24/10 Mannix, Kevin activated