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Bridgeport Bluefish - Transactions


09/12/12 Ness, Mike activated
09/11/12 Diaz, Raymar placed on inactive list
09/02/12 Mesa, Wanel activated
08/22/12 Dowdy, Brett placed on inactive list
08/07/12 Boyer, Brad acquired in trade from Lancaster Barnstormers
08/05/12 Baez, Edgardo placed on inactive list
07/27/12 Hayes, Chris traded to Long Island Ducks
07/27/12 Thompson, Brad activated
07/24/12 Ayala, Elliott placed on inactive list
07/24/12 Gathright, Joey reinstated to active list
07/20/12 Tarsi, Mike sold to Atlanta Braves
07/20/12 Dowdy, Brett reinstated to active list
07/09/12 Lewis, Rommie reinstated to active list
07/05/12 Hillenbrand, Shea activated
07/03/12 Hutchins, Norm released
06/26/12 Baez, Edgardo signed
06/26/12 Susini, Norberto placed on inactive list
06/25/12 Bateman, Joe released
06/25/12 Miranda, Sergio activated
06/23/12 Poletsky, Joe released
06/23/12 Stoner, Tobi released
06/23/12 Hayes, Chris activated
06/23/12 Rodriguez, Luis reinstated to active list
06/19/12 Hutchins, Norm activated
06/19/12 Lopez, Pedro placed on inactive list
06/19/12 Barrows, Peter released
06/19/12 Lopez, Pedro placed on inactive list
06/19/12 Hutchins, Norm activated
06/15/12 Zaleski, Kyle placed on inactive list
06/15/12 Poletsky, Joe activated
06/11/12 Serafini, Dan activated
06/11/12 Poletsky, Joe released
06/11/12 Poletsky, Joe signed
05/28/12 Vazquez, Ramon placed on inactive list
05/28/12 DeLome, Collin sold to Atlanta Braves
05/28/12 Ayala, Elliott activated
05/24/12 Pelzer, Wynn acquired in trade from Long Island Ducks Future Considerations
05/24/12 Gathright, Joey sold to Cincinnati Reds
05/24/12 Barrows, Peter activated
05/24/12 Furnish, Brad released
05/19/12 Jones, Daryl released
05/15/12 Gracesqui, Franklyn released
05/15/12 Tarsi, Mike activated
05/02/12 Moras, Michael activated
05/01/12 DeLome, Collin activated
05/01/12 Moras, Michael placed on inactive list
04/29/12 Stange, Dan activated
04/29/12 Stange, Dan activated
04/28/12 Flores, Angel activated
04/26/12 Vazquez, Ramon activated