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Rockford RiverHawks - Transactions


08/15/11 Hur, Michael signed
08/15/11 Osteen, Adam signed
08/15/11 Perozo, Esterlin released
08/15/11 James, Jason traded to Windy City ThunderBolts
08/15/11 Durand, Brett traded to Windy City ThunderBolts
08/15/11 Gaudi, Nick acquired in trade from Windy City ThunderBolts
08/09/11 Button, Evan activated
08/08/11 Marsala, Tony traded to River City Rascals
08/04/11 Marsala, Tony activated
08/04/11 Smith, Ryan released
08/03/11 DeMarco, Gabe signed
08/03/11 Malay, Reno suspended
08/03/11 Perozo, Esterlin signed
08/01/11 Button, Evan placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/27/11 Smith, Ryan signed
07/27/11 Allen, Brad signed
07/27/11 Gibbs, Matt signed
07/27/11 Fonseca, Guido released
07/27/11 Zoltak, Matt released
07/27/11 Cadoret, Steven released
07/25/11 Smith, Kevin signed
07/25/11 Nyman, Chris activated
07/25/11 Millan Jr., Elvin released
07/25/11 Hamilton, Jeremy released
07/21/11 Button, Evan signed
07/21/11 Carrington, Jamal released
07/21/11 Millan Jr., Elvin activated
07/18/11 Nyman, Chris placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/15/11 Nyman, Chris signed
07/15/11 Kriech, Kyle signed
07/15/11 Hyde, Tyler released
07/15/11 Satterwhite, Cameron released
07/15/11 James, Jason signed
07/07/11 Minium, Theron placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/06/11 Frerichs, Corey signed
07/05/11 Garner, Brandon released
06/29/11 Carrington, Jamal signed
06/29/11 Lopez, Chris released
06/21/11 Lopez, Chris signed
06/21/11 Richter, Jeremy signed
06/21/11 Curry, Caleb released
06/19/11 Scumaci, Joe signed
06/18/11 Millan Jr., Elvin placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/18/11 Minium, Theron signed
06/16/11 McGee, Todd Retired
06/16/11 Gradney, Joey signed
06/15/11 Rucinski, Drew sold to Cleveland Indians
06/13/11 Van Horn, Greg signed
06/13/11 Rucinski, Drew signed
06/13/11 Long, Bud released
06/13/11 Brown, Lance released
06/11/11 Parker, Brian released
06/10/11 Marsala, Tony placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/09/11 Cadoret, Steven signed
06/09/11 Reid, Scott released
06/08/11 Patterson, Kevin signed
05/30/11 Faulkner, Steven released