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Martinez Clippers - Transactions


08/23/18 Hughes, Shaine traded to outside league Washington Wild Things
08/22/18 Dougherty, Caleb placed on inactive list injury
08/22/18 Weber, Grayson reinstated to active list
08/12/18 Dougherty, Caleb signed
08/11/18 Weber, Grayson placed on inactive list
08/11/18 Lopez, Frank signed
08/10/18 Richmond, Phil released
08/09/18 Oleszkowicz, Alex placed on inactive list
08/09/18 Jimenez, Wilkyns reinstated to active list
08/02/18 Jimenez, Wilkyns placed on inactive list
08/02/18 Oleszkowicz, Alex signed
08/01/18 Richards, Matt released
08/01/18 Blackstone, Kent signed
07/29/18 Perez, Luis released
07/29/18 Perez, Luis reinstated to active list
07/25/18 Bloye, Taylor signed
07/25/18 Bernardi, Dalton signed
07/24/18 Powell, Chris traded to outside league Schaumburg fut. considerations
07/21/18 Perez, Luis placed on inactive list
07/14/18 Moberly, Colin released
07/14/18 Lunardelli Jr., Jimmy reinstated to active list
07/03/18 Barfield, Jacob signed
07/03/18 Hughes, Shaine signed
07/03/18 Compton, Zach released
07/03/18 Lunardelli Jr., Jimmy placed on inactive list
06/25/18 Cannella, Cosimo released
06/21/18 Kelly, Connor released
06/20/18 Schade, Kyle released
06/20/18 Easley, Cole released
06/20/18 Richards, Matt signed
06/20/18 Bravo, Drue signed
06/13/18 Caffrey, Chris signed
06/13/18 Powell, Chris signed
06/13/18 Hunt, Trey placed on inactive list
06/13/18 Rowland, Phil released
06/12/18 Felix, Zack released
06/12/18 Perez, Luis reinstated to active list
06/12/18 Schade, Kyle reinstated to active list
06/12/18 Cohen, Andrew released
06/09/18 Harper, Jason reinstated to active list
06/09/18 Boyum, Damian released
06/06/18 Cohen, Andrew signed
06/05/18 Weber, Grayson acquired in trade from Vallejo Admirals
06/05/18 Harper, Jason placed on inactive list
06/05/18 Etheridge, Nathan signed
06/05/18 Ledward, Evander released
06/05/18 Valentino, Vincent released
06/05/18 Gutierrez, Eric released
06/04/18 Felix, Zack signed
06/04/18 Richmond, Phil signed
06/04/18 Perez, Luis placed on inactive list
06/04/18 Schade, Kyle placed on inactive list