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Road Warriors - Transactions


09/06/11 Mason, Christopher reinstated to active list
09/06/11 Rivera, Saul placed on inactive list
08/30/11 Jiannetti, Joe released
08/18/11 Guzman, Carlos signed
08/10/11 Mooney, Michael reinstated to active list
08/09/11 Zazueta, Amadeo sold to San Diego Padres
08/03/11 Sosa, Carlos sold to San Diego Padres
07/28/11 Javier, Omar activated
07/28/11 Giron, Roberto activated
07/26/11 Palacio, Joel released
07/26/11 Cepeda, Benny released
07/22/11 Frias, Jusef released
07/21/11 McCullough, Brian sold to somerset patriots
07/18/11 Kelly, Kenny activated
07/15/11 Thomas, Scott released
07/14/11 Thomas, Scott activated
07/07/11 Henry, Sean sold to Atlanta Braves
07/07/11 Mooney, Michael placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/04/11 Pacheco, Jonel traded to Camden Riversharks
06/29/11 Kelly, Christopher released
06/28/11 Mannix, Kevin released
06/17/11 Suarez, Gabriel placed on inactive list
06/17/11 Kelly, Kenny activated
06/16/11 Ramos, Eddy activated
06/14/11 Coffey, Drew released
06/10/11 Mason, Christopher activated
06/09/11 Martinez, Miguel placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/31/11 Villa, Kelvin reinstated to active list
05/31/11 Morales, Ricardo released
05/27/11 Pena, Alex released
05/27/11 Caballero, Jose released
05/27/11 Nieblas, Luis activated
05/27/11 Rivera, Saul activated
05/27/11 Coffey, Drew activated
05/26/11 Suarez, Gabriel activated
05/24/11 Astacio, Ezequiel released
05/23/11 Thomas, Scott placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/16/11 Mitchell, Travis placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/16/11 Leatherman, Dan released
05/11/11 McCullough, Brian activated
05/10/11 Mannix, Kevin activated
05/06/11 McCullough, Brian placed on inactive list