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Rockland - Transactions


10/18/11 Carroll, Brett released
10/18/11 Rodriguez, Ryde released
10/18/11 Shepard, Jon released
10/18/11 Worthington, Kent released
10/18/11 Weems, Chase released
10/18/11 Hodges, Casey released
10/18/11 Fry, Justin released
10/14/11 Hill, Mark released
10/14/11 Slayden, Jeremy released
10/14/11 Wesson, Barry released
10/14/11 Santana, Cristobal released
10/14/11 Duesler, Chad released
10/14/11 Muller, John released
10/14/11 Knippschild, Ryan released
10/14/11 Johnson, Howard released
10/14/11 Giles, Tommy released
08/29/11 Richard, Mike traded to New Jersey to complete earlier trade
08/26/11 Hage, Joe released
07/21/11 Gardner, Michael released
07/20/11 Buttler, Vic released
07/20/11 Smith, Sean M. released
07/16/11 Lincoln, Roger released
07/14/11 Slayden, Jeremy acquired in trade from New Jersey in exchange for PTBNL
07/07/11 Coffey, Drew released
07/07/11 Wilson, Kyle J. released
07/07/11 Fitzpatrick, John released
07/06/11 Jennings, Todd released
07/05/11 Candelier, Jonathan released
07/05/11 Duesler, Chad released
07/05/11 Benitez, Deybis released
07/05/11 Flynn, Eric released
07/05/11 Lomack, Jermel released
06/20/11 Smith, Dustin released
06/20/11 Hunt, Bridger released
06/20/11 Hutchins, Norm released
06/20/11 Ottman, Justin released
06/05/11 Hill, Mark placed on disabled list 7-day DL
06/05/11 Ottman, Justin activated
05/24/11 Weingarter, Jeremy released
05/24/11 Reyes, Jose released
05/24/11 Ledesma, Arturo released
05/24/11 Ottman, Justin released
05/24/11 Mincone, John released