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San Angelo Colts - Transactions


08/24/11 Huizinga, Jon acquired in trade from Fort Worth on loan
08/15/11 Stroud, Clint traded to Edinburg Roadrunners
08/15/11 Ferrante, Vic traded to McAllen Thunder
08/15/11 Caballero, Alfredo signed
08/15/11 Beatty, C.J. acquired in trade from Edinburg Roadrunners
08/15/11 Nichols, Brian acquired in trade from McAllen Thunder
08/15/11 Riddle, Ryan released
08/15/11 Carter, Trey placed on inactive list
08/14/11 Redding, Matt signed
08/10/11 Romero, Gorman placed on inactive list
08/10/11 Goudeau, Corey signed
08/09/11 Goudeau, Corey acquired in trade from Edinburg Roadrunners
08/08/11 Stroud, Clint signed
08/03/11 Casillas, Alex placed on inactive list
08/03/11 Calloway, Travis released
08/03/11 Riddle, Ryan signed
07/31/11 Riportella, Beau acquired in trade from Fort Worth
07/25/11 Wells, Andrew placed on inactive list
07/25/11 Crosland, Jason placed on inactive list
07/25/11 Giles, Josh signed
07/25/11 Keeler, Sean signed
07/18/11 Riddick, Andrew released
07/17/11 Boggio, Kyle signed
07/17/11 Riddick, Andrew placed on inactive list
07/11/11 Wells, Andrew signed
07/11/11 Hacker, Michael released
07/11/11 Parker, David released
07/08/11 Hacker, Michael signed
07/07/11 Goodline, Walt released
07/02/11 Goodline, Walt signed
07/02/11 Camp, Landon activated
07/02/11 Ballez, Butch released
07/02/11 Cruceta, Francisco traded to outside league
06/29/11 Edwards, Jon released
06/29/11 Crosland, Jason activated
06/20/11 Riddick, Andrew signed
06/20/11 Glad, Gunner released
06/17/11 MacFarland, Steve released
06/15/11 Crosland, Jason activated
06/13/11 West, Jareck traded to outside league River City
06/11/11 Rodgers, Caleb released
06/11/11 Browne, Eddie released
06/07/11 Browne, Eddie signed
06/07/11 Patton, Cory signed
06/07/11 Lasprilla, Austin placed on inactive list
06/07/11 West, Jareck placed on inactive list