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Calgary Vipers - Transactions


08/15/11 Hammons, Matt signed
08/15/11 Perren, Derek signed
08/15/11 Ayala, Manny activated
08/15/11 Tellam, Justin released
08/15/11 Hetherington, Shawn released
08/15/11 Naegele, Rob released
08/15/11 Quintana, Al acquired in trade from Chico Outlaws
07/21/11 Garcia, Lino signed
07/21/11 Dunsmore, Aaron released
07/19/11 Whetsel, J.J. released
07/19/11 Mabee, Henry signed
07/14/11 Ziegler, C.J. signed
07/14/11 Price, Kevin placed on inactive list
07/13/11 Ehrnsberger, Chad signed
07/13/11 Hetherington, Shawn placed on inactive list
06/30/11 Price, Kevin activated
06/26/11 Burns, Mike signed
06/23/11 Jenkins, Andy placed on inactive list
06/18/11 Ayala, Manny placed on inactive list
06/15/11 Valdez, Edward signed
06/14/11 Rios, Brian released
06/13/11 Kavanaugh, Matt released
06/12/11 Jenkins, Andy signed
06/11/11 Fruson, Lee released
06/10/11 Dunsmore, Aaron activated
06/06/11 Cate, Troy released
06/05/11 Fruson, Lee signed
06/05/11 Cate, Troy activated
06/05/11 Rios, Brian placed on inactive list
06/05/11 Price, Kevin placed on inactive list
06/03/11 Watson, Scott activated
06/03/11 Dunsmore, Aaron placed on inactive list
05/31/11 Hetherington, Shawn signed
05/29/11 Galva, Claudio activated