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Winnipeg - Transactions


09/20/11 Bass, K. Justin traded to Gary SouthShore
09/19/11 Lentini, Fehlandt released
09/19/11 Villarreal, Luis released
08/16/11 Williams, Mike released
08/04/11 Plefka, Jon released
07/28/11 Wyatt, Jonathan traded to Fargo-Moorhead in exchange for PTBNL
07/21/11 Plefka, Jon acquired in trade from El Paso
07/21/11 Joynt, Brian traded to El Paso
07/17/11 Wright, Eugene released
07/03/11 Jackel, William released
06/29/11 Rick, Alan released
06/25/11 Light, Kevin released
06/24/11 Ferrante, Victor released
06/17/11 Carrillo, Erick released
06/09/11 Glant, Dustin released
06/07/11 Wyatt, Jonathan activated
06/06/11 Hess, Isaac activated
06/01/11 Baldwin, Zach placed on inactive list
06/01/11 Williams, Mike activated
06/01/11 Villarreal, Luis signed
06/01/11 Wyatt, Jonathan placed on disabled list Retroactive to May 25
05/22/11 Pino, Wilmer traded to outside league Edinburgh (North Am League)
05/21/11 Long, Wes activated
05/21/11 Hess, Isaac placed on disabled list Retroactive to May 18
05/15/11 Ott, Louis acquired in trade from Gary SouthShore for cash and PTBN
05/15/11 Lessler, Damon released
05/15/11 Fowler, Barry signed
05/14/11 Lessler, Damon signed
05/13/11 Carrillo, Erick activated
05/13/11 Ramon, Amos placed on inactive list
05/10/11 Macy, TJ released
05/09/11 Eggleston, Aharon released
05/09/11 Mariotti, John released
05/09/11 Fowler, Barry released
04/07/11 Flake, Stephen released
02/24/11 Bello, Anthony traded to outside league Florence (Frontier League)
01/27/11 Justice, Justin released
01/27/11 Diaz, Juan C. released
01/27/11 Brown, Dee released
01/18/11 Mackintosh, Jason traded to outside league Chico (North Am League)
11/03/10 Graham, Drew A. traded to Kansas City