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Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks - Transactions


10/24/12 Eggleston, Aharon released
10/24/12 Jennings, Todd released
08/25/12 Casper, Max acquired in trade from Sioux Falls Pheasants
08/10/12 Morari, Dan released
07/16/12 Davis, Tony traded to outside league Quebec (Can-Am League)
07/07/12 Pedroza, Sergio released
06/25/12 Rivers, Alex released
06/18/12 Wentz, Zach released
06/07/12 Cruz, Enrique traded to El Paso Diablos
06/07/12 Cusick, Matt traded to outside league New Jersey
06/07/12 Butler, Tony traded to Lincoln Saltdogs
06/05/12 Ayala, Manny traded to Laredo Lemurs
06/02/12 Cusick, Matt acquired in trade from Winnipeg Goldeyes
05/31/12 Cornstubble, Dale released
05/29/12 Delgado, Jorge released
05/25/12 Dahman, Kyle acquired in trade from Kansas City T-Bones
05/25/12 Kasparek, Kenn sold to Pittsburgh Pirates
05/25/12 Delgado, Jorge acquired in trade from Laredo Lemurs
05/24/12 Butler, Tony released
05/23/12 Gaston, Jon sold to Chicago White Sox
05/17/12 Cornstubble, Dale released
05/09/12 Sumner, Alex released
05/08/12 Klipp, Justin released
05/08/12 Morrison, Wade released
05/07/12 Nelson, Ryne released
04/27/12 Frawley, Jack released
04/27/12 Blewett, Dan released
04/23/12 Smith, Donnie R. released
04/16/12 Siegfried, Chris released
04/16/12 Ward, Zach released
04/12/12 Griffin, Dan released
04/06/12 Ayala, Manny released
04/04/12 Tollefson, Adam traded to Laredo Lemurs for Manny Ayala
04/04/12 Ayala, Manny acquired in trade from Laredo Lemurs for LHP Adam Tollefson
03/28/12 Roberts, Josh released
02/09/12 Griffin, Dan acquired in trade from Laredo Lemurs
02/09/12 Hoorelbeke, Jesse traded to Laredo Lemurs
12/20/11 Retherford, C.J. sold to Los Angeles Dodgers
11/30/11 Nichols, Kyle released