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Wichita Wingnuts - Transactions


12/06/13 Smith, Christopher M. released
12/06/13 Armstrong, Cole released
07/22/13 Dalrymple, Scott released
07/20/13 Loehrs, Colt released
07/08/13 Peralta, David traded to Amarillo Sox
06/25/13 Wahl, Kyle released
06/17/13 Mobbs, Mike released
06/17/13 Holdzkom, Lincoln released
06/14/13 Rotola, Tim released
06/14/13 Yoo, Stephen traded to Kansas City T-Bones
05/16/13 Testa, Joe traded to Amarillo Sox
05/15/13 Kilcrease, Nathan released
05/14/13 Bergeron, Blake released
05/14/13 Bradford, Kieran released
05/14/13 Shafer, Bryce released
05/14/13 Schmidt, Daniel released
05/14/13 Burns, Mike released
05/08/13 Sublett, Damon released
04/29/13 Wahl, Kyle released
04/25/13 Hinson, Ryan released
04/23/13 Tarantola, Marc released
04/02/13 Nadeau, Jeff released
03/06/13 Ortiz, Wilberto traded to Amarillo Sox
03/05/13 Blacksher, Derek traded to outside league Sugarland (Atlantic League)
02/20/13 Lowey, Josh traded to outside league Somerset (Atlantic)
02/19/13 Mendoza, Tommy traded to outside league S. Maryland (Atlantic)
02/06/13 Marsala, Tony released
02/01/13 Buschini, Adam sold to San Diego Padres
01/28/13 Mier, Jessie released
01/24/13 Batista, Wilson released
01/17/13 Stanley, Steve released
01/16/13 Baker, James released
01/16/13 Simon, Jared released
01/11/13 Conroy, Mike released
01/11/13 Martinez, Edgar R. released
01/09/13 Carrillo, Steve traded to outside league River City (Frontier)
12/31/12 Buschini, Adam acquired in trade from Amarillo Sox for David Peralta
12/31/12 Peralta, David traded to Amarillo Sox for Adam Buschini
12/21/12 Morioka, Mason released
11/30/12 Kahaulelio, Jake released
11/27/12 Hoyt, James sold to Atlanta Braves