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Windy City ThunderBolts - Échanges


08/28/19 Swiss, Jordan released
08/14/19 Montgomery, Nate signed
08/14/19 Morris, Christian activated
08/14/19 Lytle, Joe placed on disabled list (minimum 60 days)
08/14/19 Mayes, Connor placed on inactive list
08/06/19 Mateja, Michael signed
08/06/19 Perez, Randy released
08/04/19 Lytle, Joe signed
08/02/19 Gardner, Tanner signed
08/02/19 Coffel, Brett released
08/01/19 Taylor, Zach signed
08/01/19 Obregon, Omar traded to Southern Illinois Miners
08/01/19 Aldridge, Cal released
07/26/19 Smith, Justin released
07/15/19 Funk, Christian signed
07/15/19 Jones, Austin placed on disabled list (minimum 60 days)
07/14/19 Carrier, Shane placed on inactive list
07/14/19 Avila, Eddie released
07/14/19 Carrier, Shane placed on inactive list
07/08/19 Fulton, Trey released
07/05/19 Aldridge, Cal signed
07/05/19 Mathis, Patrick placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/28/19 Smith, Justin signed
06/28/19 Morris, Christian placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
06/24/19 Leland, Sean signed
06/23/19 Kametas, Bobby released
06/23/19 Mesa, Manuel released
06/22/19 Thornton, Tyler activated
06/19/19 Kametas, Bobby signed
06/18/19 Obregon, Omar activated
06/18/19 Prohoroff, Dylan sold to Milwaukee Brewers
06/18/19 Winningham, Dash traded to Joliet Slammers
06/17/19 Beck, Blair released
06/14/19 Bellair, Cole signed
06/08/19 Thornton, Tyler sold to Milwaukee Brewers
06/08/19 Coffel, Brett signed
06/08/19 Pacheco, Niko released
06/07/19 Oppenheim, David released
06/07/19 McArthur, General released
06/07/19 Swiss, Jordan signed
06/07/19 Coffey, Micah signed
06/05/19 Mesa, Manuel signed
05/31/19 Blueberg, Colby signed
05/31/19 Avila, Eddie placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/26/19 Oller, Adam sold to San Francisco Giants
05/25/19 Fulton, Trey signed
05/25/19 McArthur, General signed
05/25/19 Bangert, Derek released
05/23/19 Becht, Joe traded to outside league
05/08/19 Alamo, Tyler signed
05/08/19 Stupienski, Gavin released
05/06/19 Cooper, Shane released
05/06/19 Pavlopoulos, Yianni released
05/06/19 Tolano, Daniel released
05/06/19 Hlad, Dan released
05/05/19 Obregon, Omar placed on inactive list
05/05/19 Thomas, JT released
05/05/19 Peden, Drew released
05/04/19 Rodriguez, Ryan released
05/04/19 Bos, Tanner released
05/04/19 Heilenbach, Steve released
05/03/19 Thoutt, Brad released
05/03/19 Silber, Cas released
05/03/19 Ledet, Patrick released
04/25/19 Robertson, Terrance released
04/25/19 Landsheft, Will released
04/08/19 Brown, Matt traded to Gateway Grizzlies
04/05/19 Welch, Jake traded to Evansville Otters
03/18/19 Raburn, Alex released
01/16/19 Torres-Perez, Braulio traded to outside league
01/08/19 Krane, Riley traded to Joliet Slammers
01/08/19 Jones, Austin acquired in trade from Joliet Slammers for 3B Riley Krane
12/06/18 Andersen, Jack Retired
11/27/18 Krug, Will released
11/27/18 Follett, Colton released
11/27/18 Healy, Ronnie released
10/13/18 Johnson, Axel traded to outside league