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Regular 2011 - Transactions

Date Team  
10/20/11 Worcester Pardo, Luis released
10/20/11 Worcester Fabry, Jacob released
10/19/11 Brockton VanLeur, Jack released
10/19/11 Brockton Hunt, Jeremy released
10/19/11 Brockton Cuadrado, Phillip released
10/19/11 Brockton Torres, Mike released
10/19/11 Brockton Hertzler, Brad released
10/18/11 Rockland Carroll, Brett released
10/18/11 Rockland Rodriguez, Ryde released
10/18/11 Rockland Shepard, Jon released
10/18/11 Rockland Worthington, Kent released
10/18/11 Rockland Weems, Chase released
10/18/11 Rockland Hodges, Casey released
10/18/11 Rockland Fry, Justin released
10/17/11 Pittsfield Flores, Miguel A. traded to Worcester
10/17/11 Worcester Flores, Miguel A. acquired in trade from Pittsfield
10/17/11 Pittsfield Molina, Angel released
10/17/11 Pittsfield Lomack, Jermel released
10/17/11 Pittsfield Torres, Chris released
10/17/11 Pittsfield Stronach, Tim released
10/17/11 Pittsfield Garner, Brandon released
10/17/11 Quebec Sullivan, Anthony released
10/14/11 New Jersey Moore, Mike C. traded to Newark
10/14/11 Newark Moore, Mike C. acquired in trade from New Jersey
10/14/11 Rockland Hill, Mark released
10/14/11 Rockland Slayden, Jeremy released
10/14/11 Rockland Wesson, Barry released
10/14/11 Rockland Santana, Cristobal released
10/14/11 Rockland Duesler, Chad released
10/14/11 Rockland Muller, John released
10/14/11 Rockland Knippschild, Ryan released
10/14/11 Rockland Johnson, Howard released
10/14/11 Rockland Giles, Tommy released
09/30/11 Quebec Thompson, Michael L. released
09/22/11 Brockton Van Every, Jonathan released
09/22/11 Brockton Nathans, Tucker released
09/22/11 Pittsfield Paronto, Chad released
09/22/11 New Jersey Gunderson, Kyle released
09/22/11 New Jersey Ellis, Josh released
09/22/11 New Jersey Mendez, Jairo released
09/21/11 Quebec Blazynski, Matt released
09/21/11 Pittsfield Cevette, Daniel released
09/20/11 Brockton Birosak, Dustin traded to New Jersey
09/20/11 New Jersey Birosak, Dustin acquired in trade from Brockton
09/19/11 Newark Watson, Brandon released
09/19/11 Newark Santiesteban, Danny released
09/19/11 Newark Raines Jr., Tim released
09/19/11 Newark Jackson, Brad released
09/19/11 Newark Fontaine, Chase released
09/19/11 Newark Benzel, Tyler released
09/19/11 Newark Snyder, Kyle released
09/19/11 Newark Lane, Gregory released
09/19/11 Newark Gaynor, Casey released
09/19/11 Newark Rollins, Chris traded to outside league Camden (Atlantic League)
09/16/11 Brockton Kelly, John released
09/14/11 Brockton Valencia, Chris sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
09/03/11 New Jersey Gagg, Bobby released
08/30/11 New York Lantigua, Eddie acquired in trade from Pittsfield in exchange for future consid.
08/30/11 Pittsfield Lantigua, Eddie traded to New York in exchange for future consid.
08/29/11 New Jersey Santomauro, Nick released
08/29/11 Worcester Asadoorian, Rick released
08/29/11 Pittsfield Lantigua, Eddie acquired in trade from New York
08/29/11 New York Lantigua, Eddie traded to Pittsfield
08/29/11 New York Petrowski, Mike traded to Brockton
08/29/11 Brockton Petrowski, Mike acquired in trade from New York
08/29/11 Rockland Richard, Mike traded to New Jersey to complete earlier trade
08/29/11 New Jersey Richard, Mike acquired in trade from Rockland to complete earlier trade
08/27/11 New Jersey Jones, Mike released
08/26/11 Rockland Hage, Joe released
08/25/11 Brockton Hernandez, Trey released
08/22/11 Worcester Mullen, Mike acquired in trade from New York
08/22/11 New York Mullen, Mike traded to Worcester
08/22/11 Worcester Pardo, Luis acquired in trade from New York
08/22/11 New York Pardo, Luis traded to Worcester
08/22/11 Worcester Gregory, Sean traded to New York
08/22/11 New York Gregory, Sean acquired in trade from Worcester
08/22/11 Worcester Lobban, Ryan released
08/22/11 Quebec Gorang, Ben released
08/19/11 Brockton Sumner, Alex released
08/18/11 New Jersey Petrowski, Mike traded to outside league New York (NY State Lge)
08/18/11 Newark Marcotte , Trevor released
08/17/11 Pittsfield Lluberes, Rafael released
08/17/11 Pittsfield Beauregard, Keith released
08/17/11 Brockton Nishikawa, Tetsu released
08/16/11 Newark Gonzalez, Victor released
08/15/11 Quebec Rusch, Matthew sold to Boston Red Sox
08/14/11 New York Fabry, Jacob sold to Worcester
08/14/11 Newark Sanders, Michael released
08/14/11 Newark Hose, TJ sold to Boston Red Sox
08/13/11 Newark Vasami, Chris released
08/13/11 Newark Martinez, Juan released
08/12/11 New Jersey Sullivan, Anthony released
08/10/11 Newark Young, Brandon released
08/09/11 New Jersey Sullivan, Anthony claimed off waivers from Quebec
08/09/11 Pittsfield Garner, Brandon released
08/08/11 Brockton Woods, Zach released
08/07/11 Brockton Vranau, Steve traded to outside league Fort Worth (Am. Assn.)
08/07/11 Brockton Richard, Steven released
08/05/11 Newark Eden, Eric released
08/05/11 Newark Jachno, Evan released
08/02/11 Newark Estrada, Jesse released
08/02/11 Newark Gabel, Adam released
08/02/11 New Jersey Leverton, James sold to Florida Marlins
08/01/11 Quebec Hanley, Pat released
08/01/11 Newark Ward, Daryle sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
08/01/11 New Jersey Reyes, Argenis sold to Cleveland Indians
07/31/11 Pittsfield Beauregard, Keith signed
07/31/11 Newark Davis, Kyle released
07/31/11 Brockton Beauchesne, Mathieu released
07/31/11 Brockton Bono, Robert released
07/28/11 Worcester Fontaine, Chase released
07/28/11 Newark Biserta, Pat released
07/27/11 New Jersey Clyne, Stephen released
07/27/11 Brockton Royster, Ryan released
07/25/11 Brockton Schmidt, Daniel released
07/25/11 New Jersey Davis, Leonard sold to Washington Nationals
07/24/11 Pittsfield Nandin, Matt placed on disabled list
07/23/11 Brockton Nathans, Tucker released
07/23/11 Quebec Vallieres, Mathieu released
07/21/11 Rockland Gardner, Michael released
07/21/11 Pittsfield Cabreja, Rafael released
07/21/11 Pittsfield Lluberes, Rafael released
07/20/11 Rockland Buttler, Vic released
07/20/11 Rockland Smith, Sean M. released
07/20/11 Brockton Hertzler, Brad released
07/19/11 Brockton Loye, Jake signed
07/19/11 New Jersey Hunt, Jeremy released
07/18/11 Pittsfield Ibanez, Yosandy released
07/18/11 Pittsfield Lyons, Matt released
07/18/11 Brockton Hertzler, Brad placed on inactive list
07/17/11 Brockton VanLeur, Jack signed
07/17/11 Brockton Nathans, Tucker signed
07/16/11 Pittsfield Rubio, Chris signed
07/16/11 Rockland Lincoln, Roger released
07/15/11 New Jersey Kulik, Ryan released
07/15/11 Newark Dombrowski, Bobby released
07/14/11 Brockton Jimenez, Jorge sold to Cincinnati Reds
07/14/11 New Jersey Slayden, Jeremy traded to Rockland in exchange for PTBNL
07/14/11 Rockland Slayden, Jeremy acquired in trade from New Jersey in exchange for PTBNL
07/12/11 Worcester Keeler, Sean released
07/11/11 Brockton Richard, Steven signed
07/07/11 Rockland Coffey, Drew released
07/07/11 Rockland Wilson, Kyle J. released
07/07/11 Rockland Fitzpatrick, John released
07/07/11 Quebec Young, Kevin released
07/07/11 Newark Kalb, Aaron released
07/06/11 Rockland Jennings, Todd released
07/06/11 Brockton Jackson, Reid released
07/05/11 Rockland Candelier, Jonathan released
07/05/11 Rockland Duesler, Chad released
07/05/11 Rockland Benitez, Deybis released
07/05/11 Rockland Flynn, Eric released
07/05/11 Rockland Lomack, Jermel released
07/05/11 Quebec Barbero, Dan released
07/05/11 Newark Pontius, Mike released
07/03/11 Worcester Walfield, Ryan released
07/03/11 Pittsfield Katzman, Eric released
07/02/11 Brockton Hughes, Travis released
07/02/11 New Jersey Wideman, A.J. released
07/02/11 Newark Gonzalez, Victor released
07/01/11 Newark Swenson, Alex released
06/28/11 Newark Dombrowski, Bobby signed
06/28/11 Brockton Kennedy, Jimmer acquired in trade from outside league from Fort Worth (Am. Assn.)
06/28/11 Newark Pluta, Anthony activated
06/28/11 Newark Swenson, Alex released
06/28/11 Newark Vasami, Chris signed
06/28/11 Newark Pontius, Mike signed
06/28/11 Newark Young, Brandon signed
06/27/11 Newark LaMotta, Kyle released
06/27/11 Newark Reynolds, Burt released
06/27/11 Newark Gossage, Todd released
06/27/11 New Jersey Vasami, Chris released
06/27/11 Worcester Smith, Matt released
06/27/11 New Jersey Pontius, Mike released
06/27/11 Brockton Lynch, Colin released
06/24/11 Worcester ONeil, Chris released
06/24/11 Worcester Blanchard, Boomer released
06/24/11 New Jersey ASD, ASD released
06/24/11 Brockton Schmidt, Daniel activated
06/24/11 Brockton Lynch, Colin released
06/24/11 Brockton Hernandez, Trey signed
06/23/11 Brockton Monger, Cameron released
06/22/11 Newark Pluta, Andrew released
06/22/11 Newark Swenson, Alex signed
06/22/11 Newark Wild, Jacob released
06/22/11 Worcester Gregory, Sean released
06/21/11 Newark Gaynor, Casey signed
06/20/11 New Jersey Bartleski, Phillip traded to outside league Ft Worth (American Assn)
06/20/11 Rockland Smith, Dustin released
06/20/11 Rockland Hunt, Bridger released
06/20/11 Rockland Hutchins, Norm released
06/20/11 Rockland Ottman, Justin released
06/20/11 Pittsfield Yasui, Daisuke released
06/19/11 Newark Hose, TJ placed on disabled list
06/19/11 Newark Toth, Jeff released
06/19/11 Newark Fitton, Matt signed
06/19/11 Quebec Colafemina, Josh released
06/18/11 Pittsfield King, MacKenzie signed
06/18/11 Newark Martinez, Juan signed
06/17/11 Pittsfield Katzman, Eric signed
06/17/11 Pittsfield Pagliarulo, Charlie released
06/17/11 Pittsfield Cevette, Daniel placed on inactive list
06/16/11 Quebec Vallieres, Mathieu released
06/13/11 Worcester Lobban, Ryan released
06/13/11 Brockton Wiley, Sam released
06/13/11 Worcester Goldbranson, Steve released
06/12/11 New Jersey Betteridge, Dan released
06/10/11 Brockton Rosenbeck, Jake released
06/10/11 Brockton Birosak, Dustin signed
06/10/11 Brockton Monger, Cameron acquired in trade from outside league Ft Worth (American Assn)
06/10/11 Brockton Kennedy, Jimmer traded to outside league Ft Worth (American Assn)
06/10/11 Newark Rollins, Chris signed
06/07/11 New Jersey Wideman, A.J. released
06/07/11 Pittsfield Bresnehan, Pat released
06/06/11 Worcester Pacella , JJ released
06/06/11 Worcester Allen, Chris released
06/06/11 Quebec St-Gelais, Andy released
06/05/11 Rockland Hill, Mark placed on disabled list 7-day DL
06/05/11 Rockland Ottman, Justin activated
06/04/11 Newark Lobban, Ryan released
06/03/11 Quebec Helps, Jeff released
06/03/11 Newark Nichols, Brian released
06/03/11 Newark Yawger, Andy released
06/03/11 Brockton Torres, Mike signed
06/01/11 Newark Jeffries, Jared released
05/31/11 Worcester Tolan, Robert released
05/31/11 Quebec Gomez, Efrain released
05/31/11 Newark Ward, Daryle signed
05/30/11 Brockton Dombrowski, Bobby released
05/27/11 New Jersey Gordon, Charlie released
05/26/11 Pittsfield Robinson, Chad released
05/26/11 Pittsfield Lopez, Josh released
05/26/11 Pittsfield Taylor, Jason released
05/26/11 New Jersey Flores, Angel released
05/26/11 Brockton Karr, Palmer released
05/26/11 Newark Mastogiovanni, Michael released
05/25/11 Newark Toth, Jeff released
05/25/11 Newark Reardon, Patrick released
05/25/11 Newark Klimas, Matt released
05/24/11 Brockton Roth, Mike released
05/24/11 Brockton Tyson, Nick released
05/24/11 New Jersey Royster, Ryan traded to Brockton in exchange for PTBNL
05/24/11 Brockton Royster, Ryan acquired in trade from New Jersey in exchange for PTBNL
05/24/11 Newark Lobban, Ryan acquired in trade from New Jersey in exchange for PTBNL
05/24/11 New Jersey Lobban, Ryan traded to Newark in exchange for PTBNL
05/24/11 Rockland Weingarter, Jeremy released
05/24/11 Rockland Reyes, Jose released
05/24/11 Rockland Ledesma, Arturo released
05/24/11 Rockland Ottman, Justin released
05/24/11 Rockland Mincone, John released
05/23/11 Worcester Fatse, Peter released
05/22/11 New Jersey McClain, Lance released
05/22/11 Pittsfield Ortiz-Jusino, Adam released
05/21/11 Brockton Kitt, Mike released
05/21/11 Worcester Christison, Dallas released
05/21/11 Worcester Bilardello, Davis released
05/21/11 Newark Reynolds, Clint released
05/21/11 Newark Ramos-Dominko, Dan released
05/21/11 Newark Sciullo, John released
05/16/11 Pittsfield Salvato, Matt released
05/12/11 Newark Morris, Matt released
05/12/11 Newark Hill, Mark released
05/12/11 Newark Hill, Dennis released
05/12/11 Newark Cenatiempo, Nicholas released
05/12/11 Newark Barone, Arthur released
05/12/11 New Jersey Jones, Travis A. released
05/10/11 New Jersey Bergeron, Jabe released
04/28/11 New Jersey Plefka, Jon traded to outside league El Paso (American Assn.)
04/28/11 Quebec Hunt, Jeremy traded to outside league Lancaster (Atlantic League)
04/28/11 Worcester McDonald, Matt released
04/27/11 Worcester Slusarz, John released
04/27/11 Newark Hulett, Jeff released
04/25/11 Newark Stringer, Tim released
04/25/11 Newark Javis, Brandon released
04/21/11 Newark Kriech, Kyle released
04/21/11 Newark Yawger, Andy released
04/21/11 Newark Saunderson, Damarii released
04/20/11 Newark Prudhomme, Tylor released
04/18/11 New Jersey Chavez, Zane traded to outside league Grand Prairie (AA)
04/15/11 Worcester Berlind, Daniel released
04/15/11 New Jersey Rodriguez, Edward R. released
04/15/11 New Jersey Icenogle, Jeff released
04/13/11 Worcester Christison, Dallas released
04/11/11 Newark Kalb, Aaron released
04/11/11 Newark Demko, Luke released
04/06/11 Quebec McDaid, Derek released
04/06/11 Quebec Naccarata, Ivan released
04/04/11 Brockton Conroy, Mike released
04/04/11 Brockton Wlodarczyk, Mike released
04/04/11 Brockton Ortiz, Francisco released
04/04/11 Brockton Lundgren, Wayne released
04/01/11 Worcester Santiesteban, Danny released
04/01/11 Worcester Cather, Billy released
03/31/11 Worcester Stewart, Caleb traded to outside league Lake County (North Am. League)
03/30/11 New Jersey Hicks, Romas released
03/29/11 Quebec Malkowski, Brendon traded to outside league Southern Illinois (Frontier)
03/28/11 Worcester Fontaine, Chase traded to outside league Lake Erie (Frontier League)
03/28/11 Quebec Simard, Michel released
03/28/11 Quebec Mimeault-Jodoin, Marc-Olivier released
03/25/11 New Jersey Binick, Kraig traded to outside league Long Island (Atlantic League)
03/24/11 New Jersey Loadenthal, Carl released
03/21/11 Brockton Cuadrado, Phillip traded to outside league St. Paul (Am. Assn.)
03/14/11 Quebec Albers, Andrew sold to Minnesota Twins
03/02/11 Quebec Cate, Troy traded to outside league Calgary (North Amer. League)
02/28/11 New Jersey Fernandez, Luis released
02/22/11 Worcester Banda, Josh traded to outside league River City (Frontier League)
02/14/11 New Jersey Rosa, Jovan released
02/14/11 New Jersey Miller, Jayson released
02/09/11 Quebec Kukucka, James traded to New York in exchange for future consid.
02/09/11 New York Kukucka, James acquired in trade from Quebec in exchange for future consid.
01/24/11 Worcester Knoff, Justin released
01/21/11 Worcester Giusti, Matt released
01/21/11 Worcester Contreras, Lester released
01/17/11 New Jersey Binick, Kraig acquired in trade from outside league St. Paul (Am. Assn.)
01/17/11 Quebec Cros, Anthony released
01/17/11 Quebec Schon, Andy released
01/17/11 Worcester Kelly, John released
01/17/11 New Jersey Nunez, Abraham O. released
01/17/11 Quebec Boucher, Sebastien sold to
01/14/11 New Jersey Delgado, Mario acquired in trade from outside league Schaumburg (North Am. League)
12/31/10 Pittsfield Qualben, David acquired in trade from New Jersey
12/31/10 New Jersey Qualben, David traded to Pittsfield
12/31/10 New Jersey Gordon, Charlie acquired in trade from Pittsfield
12/31/10 Pittsfield Gordon, Charlie traded to New Jersey
12/31/10 Pittsfield Loadenthal, Carl traded to New Jersey
12/31/10 New Jersey Loadenthal, Carl acquired in trade from Pittsfield
12/30/10 New Jersey Estanga, Edgar released
12/29/10 New Jersey Flores, Angel released
12/21/10 Quebec Nunez, Alex A. sold to
12/15/10 New Jersey Locke, Jared acquired in trade from outside league Windy City (Frontier League)
12/15/10 Worcester Rivera, Julio released
12/13/10 Worcester Pacella , JJ acquired in trade from outside league
12/06/10 Worcester Smith, Stantrel released
12/06/10 Worcester Acosta, Christian released
12/06/10 Worcester Smith, Stantrel released
12/06/10 Worcester Acosta, Christian released
11/23/10 Worcester Banda, Josh acquired in trade from outside league River City (Frontier League)
11/15/10 New Jersey Qualben, David claimed off waivers from Pittsfield
11/15/10 Pittsfield Cruz, Reymond released
11/15/10 Pittsfield Padilla, Juan released
11/04/10 New Jersey Jones, Justin W. released
11/01/10 Worcester Sosnoskie, Anthony claimed off waivers from Sussex