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VBL Summer 2021 - Transactions

Date Team  
06/22/21 Charlottesville TomSox Wright, Garrett activated
06/21/21 Staunton Braves Edge, Carter released
06/21/21 Woodstock River Bandits Beal, Blake released
06/20/21 Strasburg Express Ford II, Mitchell activated
06/20/21 Charlottesville TomSox Seagears, Jonah activated
06/19/21 Strasburg Express Stofel, Luke placed on disabled list
06/19/21 Strasburg Express Lussier, Shane released
06/19/21 Waynesboro Generals Judy, Deven activated
06/19/21 Waynesboro Generals Ginn, Landon activated
06/19/21 Waynesboro Generals McKee, Jake released
06/19/21 Waynesboro Generals Howard, Pearce placed on disabled list
06/19/21 Staunton Braves Widger, Chris signed
06/19/21 Charlottesville TomSox Bright, Trace released
06/19/21 Charlottesville TomSox Spivey, Carter activated
06/19/21 Charlottesville TomSox Safford, Will activated
06/18/21 Purcellville Cannons Cothran, Jake released
06/18/21 Charlottesville TomSox Hass, William released
06/18/21 Waynesboro Generals Robinson, Michael activated
06/18/21 Waynesboro Generals Yeargain, Reece traded to Harrisonburg Turks
06/18/21 Harrisonburg Turks Yeargain, Reece acquired in trade from Waynesboro Generals
06/18/21 Purcellville Cannons Faulk, Zane released
06/18/21 Purcellville Cannons Ujimori, Aaron released
06/17/21 Woodstock River Bandits Navedo, Kevin released
06/17/21 Woodstock River Bandits Hoover, Kelan released
06/17/21 Charlottesville TomSox Ward, Andrew activated
06/17/21 Strasburg Express Clonch, Cameron activated
06/16/21 Waynesboro Generals Germanowski, Tyler activated
06/16/21 Waynesboro Generals Beal, Andrei released
06/16/21 Woodstock River Bandits Gordon, Tristan released
06/15/21 Strasburg Express Ketterman, Zach activated
06/15/21 Charlottesville TomSox Allen, Preston activated
06/15/21 Charlottesville TomSox Williams, Christian placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/15/21 Waynesboro Generals Millirons, Peyton activated
06/15/21 Waynesboro Generals Marello, Brandon released
06/15/21 Charlottesville TomSox Paduano, Mike released
06/15/21 Charlottesville TomSox Cucinotta, Jack released
06/15/21 Woodstock River Bandits Florio, Ryan released
06/14/21 Charlottesville TomSox Stark, Cal activated
06/14/21 Charlottesville TomSox Centala, Chase activated
06/14/21 Waynesboro Generals Cino, Connor activated
06/14/21 Waynesboro Generals Prater, Will activated
06/13/21 Strasburg Express Tackett, Samuel traded to Front Royal Cardinals
06/13/21 Front Royal Cardinals Tackett, Samuel acquired in trade from Strasburg Express
06/13/21 Charlottesville TomSox Rodriguez, Carlos released
06/13/21 Charlottesville TomSox Corpas, Matt placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
06/13/21 Charlottesville TomSox Burton, Jeff released
06/13/21 Charlottesville TomSox Rodriguez, Carlos released
06/13/21 Charlottesville TomSox Amiss, Logan activated
06/13/21 Strasburg Express Bukavich, Matt activated
06/11/21 Waynesboro Generals Rezek, Joey activated
06/11/21 Waynesboro Generals Logue, Seth activated
06/11/21 Strasburg Express Toth, Eric activated
06/11/21 Charlottesville TomSox Langford, Wyatt activated
06/11/21 Charlottesville TomSox Sanford, Mitchell released
06/10/21 Waynesboro Generals Wilson, Bradley activated
06/10/21 Charlottesville TomSox Jones, Jonathan released
06/10/21 Charlottesville TomSox Ingle, Cooper placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
06/10/21 Strasburg Express Pyers, Mike released
06/09/21 Strasburg Express Portera, Will placed on disabled list
06/09/21 Strasburg Express Lussier, Shane activated
06/09/21 Strasburg Express Cravey, Jacob activated
06/08/21 Charlottesville TomSox McMillan, Cole activated
06/08/21 Waynesboro Generals McDonough, Scott activated
06/08/21 Waynesboro Generals Acosta, Joseph activated
06/08/21 Waynesboro Generals Howard, Pearce activated
06/08/21 Waynesboro Generals McCormack, Elijah activated
06/08/21 Waynesboro Generals Hyde, Nick activated
06/08/21 Waynesboro Generals Clayton, Logan activated
06/07/21 Strasburg Express Pyers, Mike activated
06/07/21 Charlottesville TomSox Spikes, Garrett activated
06/07/21 Charlottesville TomSox Guidry, Kam activated
06/06/21 Strasburg Express Stofel, Luke activated
05/29/21 Woodstock River Bandits Gilmer, Will released
05/25/21 Purcellville Cannons Chermside, Jack acquired in trade from Front Royal Cardinals
05/25/21 Front Royal Cardinals Chermside, Jack traded to Purcellville Cannons
05/21/21 Charlottesville TomSox Carter, Trevon released
05/20/21 Charlottesville TomSox Brown, Porter released
05/20/21 Charlottesville TomSox Alexander, Kalvin released
05/19/21 Charlottesville TomSox Calvert, Ryan released
05/18/21 Covington Lumberjacks Espinal, Luis acquired in trade from Woodstock River Bandits
05/18/21 Woodstock River Bandits Espinal, Luis traded to Covington Lumberjacks
05/13/21 Woodstock River Bandits Sanchez, Raymond released
05/13/21 Woodstock River Bandits Schultz, Blake released
05/13/21 Woodstock River Bandits Breznak, Nick released
05/08/21 Woodstock River Bandits Rog, Kaeber released
05/06/21 Charlottesville TomSox Rhadans, Dalton released
05/05/21 Charlottesville TomSox Rivera, Geo released