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Brownsville Charros - Transactions


08/07/14 Muse, JJ traded to San Angelo Colts
08/07/14 Etier, Jordan released
08/07/14 Denton, Jared signed
08/07/14 Betts, Marshall signed
08/07/14 Benenson, Will signed
08/07/14 Chapman, Will signed
08/07/14 Wallace, Tim signed
08/07/14 Medina, Eddie traded to Fort Worth Cats
08/07/14 Treibt, Chris released
08/07/14 Levine, Tyler signed
08/07/14 Hunneyman, Jordan signed
08/07/14 Augustine, Zack signed
08/07/14 Costa, Jon signed
08/07/14 Alsup, Wes traded to outside league
08/07/14 Kruse, Chad traded to Fort Worth Cats
08/07/14 Coury, Dan traded to Fort Worth Cats
08/01/14 Levine, Tyler signed
07/26/14 Levine, Tyler signed
06/14/14 Gomez, Roman placed on inactive list
06/10/14 Mercurio, Relly signed
06/03/14 Seguen, Damien released
06/03/14 Liguori, Lars signed
06/03/14 Evins, Trent signed
06/02/14 Yusuke, Inoue released
05/30/14 Young, Billy signed
05/30/14 Denton, Greg released
05/28/14 Torres, Francis released
05/28/14 Mercurio, Relly released
05/28/14 Etier, Jordan signed
05/28/14 Pardo, Luis signed
05/27/14 Scuillo, John released
05/26/14 Denton, Greg signed
05/26/14 Stropoli, Matthew released
05/24/14 Alsup, Wes signed
05/24/14 Vanderhaar, Tim released