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Quebec Capitales - Transactions


02/18/13 Rodriguez, Rony sold to Chicago Cubs
01/23/13 Richmond, Jamie released
11/20/12 Cox, Chris sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
10/26/12 Kneeland, Cam acquired in trade from Worcester Tornadoes
10/26/12 Regnault, Kyle acquired in trade from Worcester Tornadoes
09/25/12 Mottram, Billy released
09/05/12 Leduc, Guillaume released
08/22/12 Gosselin, Normand released
08/12/12 Mariotti, John released
07/24/12 Roche, James traded to Newark Bears
07/22/12 St. Pierre, Maxim released
07/16/12 Bobo, Dexter released
07/15/12 Roche, James released
07/01/12 Paquin, Jean-Christophe released
06/29/12 Santomauro, Nick released
06/27/12 DiBenedetto, Thomas released
06/25/12 Santomauro, Nick acquired in trade from Newark Bears
06/25/12 Crawford, Jack released
06/25/12 Crawford, Jack released
06/24/12 Gosselin, Normand released
06/22/12 Karmas, Paul released
06/19/12 Wiley, Justin released
06/18/12 Boyd, Seth released
05/15/12 LaForest, Pierre-Luc released
05/14/12 St. Pierre, Maxim released
05/08/12 Bomback, Danny released
05/08/12 Benefield, Chad released
04/24/12 Henry, Seth released
04/13/12 Ricard, JF released
04/06/12 Tomlinson, Goefrey released
04/02/12 Williams, Shawn traded to outside league to Long Island (AL)
03/23/12 Naccarata, Ivan released
03/23/12 Wearne, Scott released
03/08/12 Mariotti, John sold to Philadelphia Phillies
02/02/12 Sausville, Dan traded to outside league Laredo (AA)
02/02/12 Colafemina, Josh traded to outside league Laredo (AA)
02/01/12 Delaney, Mitch traded to outside league London (Frontier League)
12/22/11 Oliveros, Rayner released