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Brockton Rox - Transactions


09/16/10 Noe, Keith released
09/16/10 Lee, Bill released
08/27/10 Aquino, Jose released
08/25/10 Parke, John released
08/21/10 Lussier, Buster released
08/13/10 Parke, John signed
08/12/10 Ortiz, Francisco signed
08/10/10 Papelbon, Josh released
08/06/10 Hanson, Jeff released
07/31/10 Williams, Clyde released
07/27/10 Williams, Shawn signed
07/18/10 Coury, Dan released
07/14/10 Dunn, Jeff released
07/09/10 Williamson, Logan released
06/17/10 Birosak, Dustin released
06/15/10 Davis, Hunter acquired in trade from outside league St. Paul (AMAS)
05/25/10 Williamson, Logan acquired in trade from outside league Grand Prairie (AMAS)
05/24/10 Noe, Keith placed on inactive list
05/18/10 Piechowski, Adam placed on inactive list