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Evansville Otters - Transactions


11/06/17 Fidanza, John acquired in trade from Washington Wild Things for a player to be named later
08/11/17 Rennie, Luc placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/11/17 Cook, Brandon signed
08/11/17 Etsell, Ryan signed
08/11/17 Lowery, Luke traded to Traverse City Beach Bums for future considerations
08/11/17 Freeman, Colton released
08/09/17 Nunn, Chris signed
08/09/17 Whitman, Blaise released
08/05/17 McCoy, Jake released
08/05/17 Freeman, Hasten released
08/04/17 Welz, Zach signed
08/03/17 Freeman, Colton signed
07/09/17 Tasin, Rob released
07/09/17 De Jesus, Manny released
07/08/17 Sweet, Austin released
06/16/17 Brock, Justin signed
06/16/17 De Jesus, Manny signed
06/16/17 Ibarra, Diego signed
06/16/17 Martinez, Xyruse released
06/12/17 Ho, Mitchell released
05/11/17 Segovia, Alejandro placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/11/17 Porter, Conner released
05/10/17 Roberson, Sam released
05/10/17 Thompson, Tyler released
05/07/17 Yamaguchi, Kolten suspended
05/07/17 Rennie, Luc placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/07/17 Bynum, Andrew released
05/07/17 Henry, Tim released
05/07/17 DeRoche-Duffin, Joe released
05/07/17 Mello, Joe released
05/07/17 McNabb, Wade released
05/07/17 Coakley, Nathan released
05/07/17 Moralez, Andrew released
05/07/17 Cheek, Ryan released
05/07/17 Rice, Chris released
02/28/17 Rice, Chris acquired in trade from Joliet Slammers for a player to be named later