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Gateway Grizzlies - Transactions


09/19/13 Mahon, Logan released
09/19/13 Pair, Michael released
09/19/13 Dalrymple, Scott released
09/19/13 Flores, Jose released
09/19/13 Butler, Jet released
09/19/13 Ayarza, Max released
09/19/13 Enourato, Chris released
08/19/13 DeLorenzo, Nick released
08/17/13 Sullivan, Jason traded to Joliet Slammers for RHP Justin Erasmus
08/13/13 Alvarez, Edilson released
08/11/13 Frias, Vladimir sold to Boston Red Sox
08/04/13 DeJesus, Antone placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/28/13 McKinzie, Ethan released
07/21/13 Hartman, Ryan traded to Joliet Slammers PTBNL
07/21/13 Helms, Spiker released
07/09/13 Mirabal, Matt traded to Washington Wild Things
07/02/13 Downing, Gregg released
06/16/13 Hicks, Clayton released
06/14/13 Reamy, Phillip Retired
06/11/13 Cotilla, Rey traded to Windy City ThunderBolts
05/26/13 McClendon, Chris placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/26/13 Edwards, Wes released
05/26/13 Eaton, Dan released
05/14/13 Kennedy, Brett released
05/14/13 Johnson, Neiko released
05/14/13 Jefferson, Mike released
05/14/13 Reamy, Phillip placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/12/13 Holmes, Trey released
05/12/13 Pfau, Chris released
05/12/13 Watson, LJ released
05/12/13 Mahon, Logan released
05/12/13 Casey, Will released
05/08/13 Brenneman, Jimmy released
05/08/13 Smith, Dustin released
05/08/13 Howick, Jimmy released
05/02/13 Test, Test signed
04/02/13 Zawacki, Brett traded to Joliet Slammers
04/02/13 Tremlin, Paul Retired
04/02/13 Kaminsky, Alex traded to Lake Erie Crushers