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Washington Wild Things - Transactions


07/27/11 Tarallo, Joe acquired in trade from Southern Illinois Miners for Ernie Banks and 2012 pick
07/08/11 Perren, Derek released
07/08/11 Fogle, Bryan released
07/08/11 Thomas, Ryan released
06/30/11 Stanton, Zack released
06/23/11 Banda, Josh released
06/22/11 Bistagne, Brian released
06/18/11 Allaire, Sean released
06/18/11 Barnes, Matt released
06/14/11 Nuno, Vidal sold to
06/12/11 Mattaliano, Mick released
06/12/11 Santana, Jason released
06/08/11 Ontiveros, Emilio placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/29/11 Williams, Alan sold to Milwaukee Brewers organization
05/26/11 Dupuis, Tim released